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When Did You Get Your First Scope?

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Open sights or a scope?


Well using a scope is pretty much de rigueur these days. Especially as I reckon most new guns are designed for them and no longer have fittings or are supplied with open sights


I got my first when it came with a second hand Hw35 and that is a Weaver 1.5 x 1" up till then I just used what came on the gun.

Age (BSA Meteor bought off school friend for £15 when I was 16) and finances then just finances were the main reasons for staying with iron sights. Aren't we all so much better off these days?


So what was your first telescopic sight? And for a bonus point, what was the gun it came with or the one you bought it for?



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1966 to go on a BSA Meteor .22 and a local farm manager gave three of us school boys permission to shoot rats on the potato dump,.................great days, I remember the three of us sitting on empty tin drums with a shared bottle of lemonade and a fag..................I will stop because I am starting to ramble..........yes it may be an age thing before you buggers comment.


Funny, I can't remember what make the scope was but I think it might have been a Tasco.



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1976, was the first scope, a 4x15 bag of she - ite that had to be re- zeroed 3x per hunting trip, just awful :bad:

My rifle was a Relum Tornado :icon_redface: and after collecting a load of Baby Cham bottles off the tip we all shot on ( without permission) :whistling: - I traded the bottles in at the local pub for £6-00 and my Dad took me to Worralls gunsmiths in Warrington where I bought a 4x20 bigger bag of she-ite :no: .


Then came the BSA Meteor,

Then came the BSA Air Sporter -- open sights.


Then the BSA Mercury, also open sights - and deadly accurate.


Then the Feinwerkbau Sport 127 with a nikko 3-9x40 scope, - feck me did that take some vermin,- my mates were so envious.

2017, - 41 years later,


Still have a FWB 127 and 124 in my hunting cabinet but not with a 4x15 or 4x20 bag of she-ite on top :nono:


" Says a lot for the rifles though" :good:




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My mum and dad brought me my first gun when i was 14 in '98', cant remember what make it was, but it had these little sight things you could swap in the front sight.

We have a family friend that had some land so i used to bike up the road and shoot cans and targets, with iron sights.

I saved up and got a 3-9×40 smk (because there is one near me). For what seemed like ages.

On the first trip out with it i took a mate, shooting cans at 10 meters, i ricoceted a pellet off a butler sink and it hit him in the leg, he told his dad i shot him, and my parents sold the gun.


Bad times, i dont have him as a friend nowadays.



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