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When Did You Get Your First Scope?

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I remember it well, I saved up my pocket money and sold a few things until I had the princely sum of £41.00 for a brand new BSA Mercury, the old man bought me a BSA scope (cant remember the magnification) to go on it, well I could not hit a bloody thing, due I think to the scope constantly creeping back, anyway I took it off and used the iron sights, something I did for a good few years, I am still a pretty decent shot with iron sights,and I think all youngsters learning with an air rifle should cut their teeth on Iron sights before using a scope, I have a good pal who I grew up with, and he hates scopes, and refuses to use one preferring to use the old school iron sights, he does not shoot live stuff any more, but he is a bloody good shot with them.

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