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Lets See Them Whippets, Coarsing, Racing, Working

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Some crackers alright lads. Dont hold back on the info, racing, coarsing ,working , a cross of any of above or non ped. Be good to see what different lines / types are are throwing

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Dads nimrodel mums worker

Kc name moondust's gladiator

He's a right handfull at minute, can't take him snywAre, plays too ruff for the park, if he smells a rabbit he's gone, got me hands full

was looking back over that ped jwhizz, some nice breeding.

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Can anyone say there's any difference between all the strains of whippet ?

are some bigger stronger?do some have more drive ? Are any better put together or have any better wind.

Never owned a whippet and wouldn't mind a small lurcher or whippet for my lad ,

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Some handy little dogs there guys,good stuff..

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The dogs swingers Mally looks like speed machine atb Flacko

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