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  1. Ha Ha She was 10 mate in the Video. Here it is if anyones interested. https://youtu.be/2AdiK9ZDr5o
  2. Vixen was still lamping at 8 years old and still catching well, now at 91/2 i take her for the odd morning ferreting but just guarding the nets and marking the warrens. She's still catching on her walks although she's using her nose and catching in cover more as she hasn't the pace to catch that often in the open. She still loves getting the tree rats lol
  3. Yes quite a few showbred dogs carry coursing lines, I do like them there far more biddable than the racing type whippets and even though i can't speak of any others apart from my own, mine have been relatively easy to train. They will work to hand signals to pick up game or find a squatter out in the fields and like you say they have plenty of wind for the longer runs. You can't beat a dog with a nice deep chest In my opinion, plenty of room for heart and lungs. Vixen in her prime (she's 91/2 now) Steve66 I traveled down to gloster and used Helen Waymans dog (scarletfair one knight) to produce 'Vixen' and then i used a dog in lincolnshire (near cadwell park) to produce 'Sagar'. I traveled miles looking at dogs until i decided on which one to use which complimented the bitch.
  4. My dog Sagar is 21 1/2" His Mother Vixen 20 1/2" I used nice typey, strong, show bred stud dogs to produce both mainly because none of the lads i asked with 'working whippets' at the time would let me see there dogs work before i used them over my bitch 'Vixen' and before her, her mother Jess. Whippets have got bigger over the years, go to any kennel club show and take a look at them. You'd struggle to find a dog in the ring under 20" and also struggle to see a bitch under 19" I like a stronger type that can take a knock or two in the field and most importantly retrieve to hand, not stand over it expecting you to walk to them. I've been more than happy with both Vixen and Sagar, although there getting on a bit now there still catching most days wether that's fur or feather. I've only ever bred a litter for a pup myself, that's why i only bred the one litter from Vixen. Sagar and Vixen
  5. Remember ferreting a few years ago on the shoot, had my whippets and my mate scotty brought his young springer dog along. We were ferreting a wood with small warrens all over. A ferret was on a kill, Scotty sat the spaniel down and we moved onto the next warren 20 yards away. 5-10 minutes later the spaniel appeared carrying a rabbit in a pursenet. Bloody good spaniel he was, he wouldn't chase the rabbits and worked well with the whippets and Scotty's lurchers.
  6. Don't know what your on about Richie?
  7. Cheapest I've found so far is £152.50 for a box and collar and £70 for each additional collar. It needs to be new so we can get a vat receipt.
  8. Wheres the best place to buy a mk3m box and 4 collars? Just looked on debens website and you need a mortgage to buy at there prices.
  9. Great Video Trev really enjoyed watching that. The bitch knows her job mate doesn't she, cracking bitch
  10. mally


    A friend of mine supplied and fitted me a professional system as i'd already tried one from maplin and the dvr kept eating hard drives. I can't fault it, the camera's are almost hd quality far better footage than you see from some on crime watch etc. Before he installed them I had gypsies knocking on my door for scrap almost daily but not had one single person knock on my for door for scrap since he installed them. ​ Wasn't a cheap setup, but like everything in life you get what you pay for.
  11. Get some red colour feed for them mate, you can buy ready mixed eggfood with it in or just buy the chlorophyll red to pop in the birds water and eggfood.
  12. Just moulting mate, they moult every year about this time. Feed him some eggfood with a few garden peas every other day while he's moulting. I just defrost a few frozen peas, there cheap as chips and the canaries love them
  13. I don't know about everyone else but had dogs over 30 years and taking a pup lamping twice I wouldn't know if it was going to make a lamper or not. You need to show them plenty on the lamp for them to learn and keeping one two bloody weeks just goes to show what an actual knob he really is. I wouldn't let the twat keep goldfish
  14. See you altered the topic now lol. Can't see the point of even posting the video, it's shite
  15. Need to go to specsavers lol. Not even a whippet
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