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  1. Are you joking? Haha don't worry i got it.
  2. He looks a cracker mate hows he bread?? Thanks mate, he's of Wheeler blood but is one of the larger sized Patterdales that are bred now, usually I think they get the spade as too big for digging but he works well for me bushing, I get plenty of shit for him as it's not "proper" terrier work but he doesn't care so neither do I, he's never dropped in and as I've got a glass back I'm glad. Cheers. t
  3. Yes thanks the pup has come good, after her birth I was told by a vet to have the left rear leg amputated as no tendons or bones had formed properly, got a second opinion at 10 months old and told as she is in no pain let it ride and see how she goes, and walking she is abit clumsy looking as she hops on it but when she runs you wouldn't know there was a problem, she is catching on with the bushing and has caught a few so I'm happy, she give me 100% every time I take her out. Pics is from her first lure coursing trial and has now competed in competition, she's not going to set any records or
  4. It's the only fitness my lad does and it keeps him trim, they must cover some ground when out.
  5. I've always feed twice a day, raw and a cereal, just a cereal in the morning dry, and wet and dry cereal in the evening, you won't know the pups shape until at least a year old, keep going with her mate.
  6. Isn't the mill for conditioning, must be pics of a conditioned terrier.
  7. Has anyone got any pics of their dogs that have benefited from having the "extra" work put to them.
  8. Haha, brilliant, nice to know you look at them. Regards.
  9. Found my first post in the newly commissioned bushing section, he's still going and I think looking well.
  10. Bushing is hard physical graft for the terriers, I am asked all the time how I keep mine fit, how long does he do on a slatmill how far do I walk him, all I actually do with him is take him out and he bushes can't keep him out of it, no on off switch for him, and he goes everyday and would go all day aswell it would be no problem for him. We don't catch a great deal but if I take one or two on a mooch its great, I do it because I love to see all the dogs combine there skills that end with a catch.
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