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  1. Meeks

    Long Shot

    Hiya folks.just wondering if anybody in Scotland does a bit of ratting and would possibly consider letting me tag along for a day as I'd like to get into it?in return I'd be more than happy to take you on a day or two ferreting on some of my perms? I've kept ferrets and worked them for 20yr and would like to get into ratting,working the terriers on them etc.i have bolted rats with ferrets but only out of rabbit warrens which my whippet made short work of.long shot but worth a try.cheers
  2. Looking for a young kit too add to my team.im in central Scotland but will travel within reason.drop me a pm.thanks
  3. Love reading wee stories like this.i lost a hob ferret like this one day when I was about 14.waited on him till it was dark but no sign.got up first thing and walked the couple miles to the golf course where I had left him with a torch in my hand.finally got to the warren,it was still dark but looking with the torch with no sign.i went to the hole I put him down and whistled a couple times.sure as hell about 30seconds later he appeared covered in blood,fat belly and looking like he had just woken up lol. Still value my ferrets as much these days but no need to leave them behind nowadays.just need to get the shovel out. Another time my best mate and ferreting partner all my days lost a ferret in a 4holer.i wasn't there this time but with it only being a 4holer and quite shallow(so they thought) him and his dad retuned the next morning after blocking all the holes.they soon started digging and down a few feet realised they were on top of a mine shaft like thing they could see the ferret way down this hole.they got a bit of rope and attached a box to it and lowered it down and the ferret walked into the box a they got they ferret.the shaft thing was 22ft deep and they had been standing on it only supported by a couple feet of soil and a few roots.lucky boys and ferret.sorry for rambling just thought I'd share a wee story
  4. Meeks

    No Nets

    Superb guys Excellent days sport
  5. Why pedigree pal?you want to enter crufts?
  6. Had an hour out.even the wife braved the conditions and came for a walk.looking after my pals blue whippet for a week,never ever seen a thing and sure as hell hadn't seen a lamp before but thought I'd give him a hurl anyway.3 in the bag.gave wee ruby an easyish run and she had a catch right at my feetmy brindle whippet had the first one.slipped my mates blue whippet walking back to the car to see how he'd fair up.he was keen as hell and on to the rabbit but just as I thought he was going to lose it the wife slipped my brindle whip to save the day and make the catchthink the wife's got a new hobby
  7. Cheers mate.i'm no expert but I would say be patient and don't rush it.keep training sessions short but often.and mix it up.i find they get bored easily with repetitive stuff
  8. No good mate.numbers round my ways haven't been that good this yr either.hope it picks up next yr.one thing for sure I'll be spending the summer knocking on doors lol
  9. Only time it mate a squeal mate was when she had it by the back leg.dont think there will be much of a mark on it.this wee bitch is really soft mouthed.which I'm also chuffed about
  10. Thanks pal.i let her have her moment but still a bit annoying.had to laugh.she looked so proud
  11. Took the pup out for a couple easy runs tonight since the wind was up.her first time out and I'm chuffed.slipped her 3 times,first 2 she was unlucky but as soon as the lamp was off she headed straight back to me.3rd time the rabbit was only about 20yrds away and after getting hold of it twice(once by the back leg) she finally put in a decent strike as it made its way back up the hedge.i thought I had her retrieve spot on but I guess she was maybe a tad excited when she caught it and done two big circles parading her prize before hastily making her way toward me.even then I had to walk a couple of yards to get it off her.but she's only just over 8month so plenty time to perfect that.cant wait to run her next season.back to ferreting for now
  12. Aye I'll head out see if I can get her an easy run or 2.
  13. The brindle one is a pure whippet mate(not a good angle of photo) and she's 3/4 whip 1/8collie 1/8 grey
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