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Fastest Lurcher.

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back in the 80s i had a 3/4 greyhound 1/4 saluki 22 1/2 inch tts this was the fastest bitch i have ever seen back then and now.she could catch hares well on small to bigish fields the best she did in a morning was 4. i was asked many times to take to the fens but i allways said no this bitch would of died on that land.this bitch had the heat of a lion and wouldent jack . just how i licked um.

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Fastest lurcher I have ever seen was a saluki coming back up beam after trying to pull a fox.         Will

In general the Whippet/Grey takes some beating for initial short bursts of speed,the fastest mutt ive owned that had early acceleration and endurance with real speed was a Lurcher to lurcher bred mutt

Fastest dog has to be anything with plenty of Greyhound or Whippet blood in them..also they are the fastest to run out of stamina and generally the fastest to either kill themselves or badly injure th

lurcher x lurcher some collie in there, she was the only smooth coated dog in the litter.

Fastest dog ive seen, would get up to a hare no matter how far away it was, if she spotted it, she catch up to it. Usually ended up losing it once she was there but real speed. She never lost a race i entered her in, admittedly only entered her in like 5 and they were game fairs and country shows not real racing but still, bloody fast!


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Right I'm having you... No Greyhound x Whippets allowed. That's plain cheating....


Not strictly speaking a lurcher is it? IIRC a lurcher is a Greyhound x working dog, a Longdog is a sight hound x sighthound. Or am I wrong?

If you want to get technical yes but I and others around my area call them all Lurchers.

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The bitch I have is very fast an catches most of her stuff in first few yards an big bunny's but if stuff is up an running the bitch will go to the edge row an uses her head to cut it back out into the field so I think it's all down to the individual dog

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As much as I'm enjoying this post I do think it's a bit of a daft question. No disrespect intended DogFox123, and to be fair the question was what's the fastest you've " seen " and not what is the fastest " type". I think the question is a bit mischievous ? No one adds the blood of dogs slower than pure Greyhounds or Whippets to increase top speed achievable. A Formula 1 car is a faster vehicle than a quad bike. What's the fastest quad bike ?

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