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  1. you'll not go far wrong useing redwalls non ped , in his day the fastest about till mine came along
  2. Kirckaldy whippet and lurcher raceing starting 5 march at 11.00 am and every following saturday weather permitting.at dining rooms .york place ky1 3hn contact 01356 622 537 or 01592 651 664
  3. thats a big doe have shot a lot in my time but nowt like that
  4. The JRTCGB Scottish Region held a terrier / lurcher show in the field on Sun. So we put on some racng for them. It was good fun - even in the pouring rain. Hope everyone competing enjoyed the racing and the show. Well done to the winners in the racing - William with Jock; Stuart with Rocky and Leigh with Roxy. Racing : - Lurcher Under 23" : - Ht1 Mitzie Jess Roxy - 1st and overall under23" winner Ht2 Archie - 1st Nip Fly Lurcher Over 23" Ht1 Jip Buck Rocky - 1st and overall over 23" winner Ht 2 Damo Dago - 1st Bruno Supreme Lurcher of the day was Roxy Terriers Jazz Toby Jock - 1st
  5. allso raceing this sat 7/3/2015 same place as show 12/30
  6. aye she is , but she no tamed the rocket , but she's a whippet x greyhound is she no bill whos this rocket den ? is it your pup ? her dam was whipp+grey sire was non ped hope to see you this year some time pups due end of feb to davids black dog also a very fast dog
  7. sup rch champ non ped +whip grey
  8. bitch due to have litter at end of feb
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