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  2. Hawick horseracing association, are holding an event for lurchers & terriers, and racehorses, on Saturday the 10th of September, full show , followed by racing for lurchers with a purse of £100 terriers with a purse of £50 racehorses with a purse of £5000 bar, music,and a real good time entry £5 dog show starts at 12.00 sharp, horseracing starts at 3 enquiries to den ----07746617031 / 01450 373229 no muzzles-- no racing
  3. I too have judged it , it was an honour to have been asked, but I think , and it's only my opinion, but having 4 judges to run over 14 dogs is too much, 1 judge should be sufficient of doing the championship, be an idea that the judge still uses the points system on all the dogs
  4. aye it wasn't as busy as usual, but still the same feirce competition for champions , roll on 2016
  5. oops , i dont know how to change it , so if theres anyone who can , please do ah thanks whoever changed it , thats much appreciated
  6. oops , i dont know how to change it , so if theres anyone who can , please do
  7. if you won a show in Scotland , theres a few I haven't received paperwork from , just come see me , or message your details , i'll sort it for you
  8. BORDERS AREA FEILD SPORTS ARE HOLDING THESE CHAMPIONSHIPS, ON SUNDAY THE 27TH September 2015 at , volunteer park, Hawick, td9 0hl 12.00 sharp full show after finals, racing to follow, no muzzle - no racing
  9. just a small note, BORDERS AREA FIELDSPORTS are holding a lurcher, terrier, working dogs, show this sunday, 28th of june 2015 @ HAWICK YM, rugby pitch , in hawick , td9 8 aw there will be racing after the show for lurchers and terriers a full program ,
  10. good for you albert , now this should be done in lurchers too, to stop , the huge amount of purebred greyhounds competing against , cross bred dogs
  11. was a fair turnout of dogs considering there was 3 shows on, on Sunday, was lucky enough to get reserve champion lurcher so was well chuffed
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