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  1. Stud dog

    Deerhound x Greyhound for my son

    Pm me if you havnt all ready got Dave's number
  2. Stud dog

    best all round lurcher?

    I've not got a pup on Bird it's Shaun I think who as seen some pups for sale mate
  3. Stud dog

    best all round lurcher?

    Not a bad cross there an you'll find that the lurcher pup will learn you alot. From past experience take your time with it an it's training let the pup grow in body an mind before trying to work it an just get the basic training in the rest will just happen good luck an don't take it to serious there's no right or wrong way to do it .
  4. Stud dog

    Highgate dog show

    Anyone local going ? I'll find out time an put postcode up when I've time
  5. Dog show being hold August bank hol monday terrier an lurcher show an racing
  6. Stud dog

    Lurcher pups

    What's the breeding ? Any pics of the parents ?
  7. Stud dog

    Old dogs past or retired

    Poor thing seems to happen to the good uns they don't seem to be around long when they give all every run
  8. Stud dog

    Old dogs past or retired

    What happened to the bitch Trev whippet beddy one ? Accident in the field?
  9. Stud dog

    Old dogs past or retired

    Out them pics Trev what would you say best one you owned an why do you think it was ?
  10. Stud dog

    Them dry

  11. Stud dog

    Old dogs past or retired

    P.s And some of the best runs only you an your dog will have witnessed A.T.B. for the coming seasons let's make plenty more memories.
  12. Stud dog

    Old dogs past or retired

    Feels good to see an know that the old dogs are still long remember an the memories we will take to the grave with us that's what this games about to me the enjoyment an memories we make priceless
  13. Stud dog

    Old dogs past or retired

    That second pic Trev looks a real nice type what was it like work wise ? An how was it bred looks deerhound greyhound base ?
  14. Stud dog

    Lurcher stud dogs

    Problem is opinions are like assholes mate we all have one A.T.B.
  15. Stud dog

    Lurcher stud dogs

    If you have seen the dog graft and think its worth breeding from an it can add to your bitch that you have worked an are happy with then what's anyone else's opinions matter fact is it doesn't