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  1. off out tonight havent been out shooting for a while its a new perm with quite a few bunnies on it .i am looking forward to trying my nv rangefinder out in anger . just hope my ns 200 works ok last time out didnt seem to have the range it used to have screen picture seemed a bit fuzzy .may need to add ir torch but not sure it will help . any advice guys would be welcome cheers robo
  2. Hi guys not be on here for a while hope your all good . I haven't been out hunting for ages now although I still have my one permission wich is a 45 minute drive away . I've been trying to get some were a bit closer as the is a few farms around me . but with no luck they all have guys clearing rats with air rifles and guys with shotguns Sundays on the corvids .yesterday I was doing a gardening job for a lady and I was working away when I heard people talking rabbits pidgions rats . my ears pricked up so I walked down the garden and it was the ladies grandson . so before I new it I had a new permission turns out they own land 4 miles from me .so don't give up looking for permissions they can come from now we're as in this case .
  3. Stripped and polished my 97 trigger. Just put it back together it's slightly better than before not sure it was worth the effort though.
  4. It's all built around slabs the wood is just to disguise the slabs the wife said the last one I built was ugly at the last house . I have packed in a load of cavity wall insulation at the back .it stopes slabs getting damaged .
  5. Just wondering if you were in space and only joking
  6. Well done I guessed at 95 mtrs
  7. Thought one of you guys could work it out
  8. Say it's .22 @12ftlbs 15.9 gr
  9. Hi guys just wondering if you could shoot a pellet straight up what altitude would it reach in .22 or .177 ?
  10. It's just through the shrubs at the end of the garden
  11. Finally got round to building my pellet trap it's a bit ott but the wife likes it . It's 40mtrs from the house
  12. Haha yeah good point but I am hoping she is gonna get me a sfs imp for crimbo so I will keep quiet as you do .
  13. Hi guys I have just moved house and intend to build a permanent pellet trap . I made one at the last house with 5 2x2 slabs just a box it had a strand of fencing wire running through it to hang targets off . It was perfect really but my wife said it was ugly and spoiled the garden . So I am looking to build something more pleasing to the eye . Any ideas or pics . Thinking more of railway sleepers cut up I tend to make things100xs stronger than they need to be so my pellet trap was a bit ott .
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