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  1. paramo View Advert https://m.gooutdoors.co.uk/paramo-pajaro-mens-waterproof-jacket-p131251 XL £100 Posted Advertiser Sweeney Date 30/07/18 Price £100.00 Category Clothing and Footwear  
  2. ?? the fella posting up "threesome gone wrong" ???
  3. View Advert RAB Electron mens Large 115 posted Advertiser Sweeney Date 25/01/18 Price £115.00 Category Clothing and Footwear  
  4. Well done fella...1st of many
  5. 50 each posted.... these cost at 90 a pair
  6. Montane Men's Alpine Stretch Pants Black Large reg leg. £55 posted Montane Terra GT Converts (Regular Leg Length) Size Large. £55 posted
  7. Ahhh, I'm more into my lurchers anyhow so not too bothered tbh. He likes to get stuck into the hedges which ain't too bad with two lurchers waiting outside. He has his uses still the pussy lol
  8. Lol didn't want him having any inperfections ?
  9. Always used light force striker 170 for last 10 years... up until the start of this year when I got myself the blitz and I think it's awesome!
  10. What so anti inflam can have a bad effect on collie x's?
  11. No pal, didn't make it as a worker. But still here, turnt out to be a decent little house dog and my 4 yr old daughters best friend.
  12. Where you getting your mince from mate ? I dont think theres any problem mixing raw with dry i do it for mine most of the time and theyre aint nout wrong with them. Get some tins of smart price chopped tomatoes in asda and some brown pasta 2 for £1 in there. They love it mixed in with meat ... the spag bowl of the dog world lol
  13. Sounds like it will be the perfect size for an allrounder. Good luck with it fella
  14. Not quite a whippet x now are they....?
  15. Agreed ... had my lightforce striker 8 yrs still going strong.
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