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  1. There is nothing to hear? It's silent, I can imagine what the sound may be but certainly don't hear anything
  2. biggest imminent threat to this world is not an astroid but a short child like fat man with a daft haircut and permemant grin.
  3. The Seeker

    Would You

    Total bitch she sounds exactly like the sort who move into the country and then complain about the noise and smells.
  4. Sorry to hear your sad news mate ATB
  5. at school then does "it" use the boys toilets or the girls toilets?
  6. Douglas Bader, if any man had an excuse (both legs amputated) for not going to war it was him. A true never say die attitude.
  7. Ive got some really good loyal mates who would be there in a heartbeat if the sh** hit the fan. There appears to be some good personalities on here but I wouldn't rely on people on the internet I don't know t for f**k all
  8. This suicide thing is a mystery to me, I remember when I was about 19 a lad who was a year or two younger than me went to the match, he laughed and joked in the pub went to the game and after went home and hung himself, He had a small child less than a year old as well. Never to this day 25 years on do i understand why he hung himself?
  9. Click the link what's the worst that could happen
  10. This looks good Im going to give it a go hopefully this year https://www.zipworld.co.uk/adventure/detail/velocity
  11. That was fun but I can help thinking Kurt might have cringed a bit if he had seen that?
  12. Gold boat..... just goes to show you might have money but it doesn't buy you "class"
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