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  1. Cheers bud probably have a good collection soon, will join in with my gun collection haha
  2. So I've just started shooting catapult and I was told by my cousin that I may just get hooked on it. I thought he was messing about. Here's the set of yew forks he made for me. Within a week I'd made a set of pickle forks. Literally just this second put elastic on. Now I've got these coming this week along with a load of theraband, leather and tools I need to do them myself. Next time he tells me something, I might just have to believe him. In the space of a month, ive ended up with 3 sets, enough to make at least another dozen and can't stop looking at bloody trees. What a start! Just got to try and find an old bells of hythe one I know is lying around somewhere that I bought years ago. Needless to say I have been converted haha
  3. What did you use to get that finish bob?
  4. I've just bought some leather from eBay enough to make about 20 pouches for about 3 quid. might be worth a look if u make your own.
  5. Got to be worth 10-15 nets unbanded imo
  6. Thanks. Looking forward to getting ideas for projects, giving and receiving advice and chatting with like-minded people.
  7. One of the best bandsets you can use for game. I'd say 9.5mm steel . can buy 1000 off eBay for just over a tenner
  8. Here's mine. Just need to get them banded. Not too bad for my first attempt I think.
  9. Best to go for if you want doubles as far as I can tell. Plenty of stopping power, chronys the same as triple layer bandsets. Watch gamekeeper Johns videos on youtube, there's plenty of information there
  10. You could drill the forks or put leather tabs on tied with waxed linen, then tie through punched holes in the leather. Or just go and put some flats on to save yourself time
  11. Hi all. My name is Joe, I'm 25 and I live in Dorset. I have been shooting since the age of 3. I've just completed my first full season working my cocker spaniel, she's been a bit of a slow starter but has improved considerably and is now part of the team on the shoot. I shoot most disciplines shotgun,rifles (.17hmr and .308), air rifle and most recently catapult. I have two ferrets, that are pretty decent workers too. I also like to make things, I've just started making natural catapults but would like to do knives etc in the future. Don't know what else to say really. Hope to speak to some of you soon
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