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  1. muttley94


    oh nice one! they are definitely worth considering then! cheers for your help
  2. muttley94


    whats the gap you have in the bars mate? The smallest panels I can seem to find are 5cm gaps and that strikes me as too big? or is that ok?
  3. muttley94


    That's brilliant cheers mate! If you get a chance to find out the dimensions that would be great but no need to go out of your way to Yes I was planning to build the mews out of brick and then have the inside lined with plastic board
  4. muttley94


    oh perfect that's similar to what I had in mind, thanks for your reply Moorman! Just a few questions if you don't mind... Is the far left a double door system? and is there any separation between the enclosed 'shed' section and the open 'bar' section? What roofing material you have used? also do you mind if I ask what size each section is?
  5. muttley94


    Hi Guys, I've been away a while as I've been very busy with work, moving etc but my interest in falconry has continued to grow and I've now reached a stage where I feel I have enough time to have a bird and do it justice! I've been reading and researching for over 5 years now (I've been through nearly every post on this forum as well as read all the usual recommended books) and I know this is something I want to do and so next season I will start. I have decided on a FHH, as I think they are fantastic, versatile birds but also my father used to fly a Harris so is on hand to assist,
  6. sorry for your loss mate! absolutely gutted for you!
  7. okay thanks, we should be under 60 yards with any luck! Can we start this again, are you saying under 60 yards for everything, as you have already suggested you have foxes 10 yards away!? If that is the case there is absolutely no need for a centrefire of any description. As regards a .223 or 22-250 or whatever anyone else has suggested, think carefully with half an eye to your suggestion of Roe in the future, unless its Scotland no .22CF is Deer legal for Roe! You will find any currently available rimfire in the UK runs out of consistency/accuracy/energy for anythi
  8. so from whats being said it sounds as if the best option is a 22lr or a Hmr or wmr....? people would say those over a .223?
  9. okay thanks, we should be under 60 yards with any luck!
  10. much appreciated guys! will look into those now, just doing lots of research and got a fella who has said he will have a chat with me and show me some of his guns so hopefully that will help too! Mutt
  11. Okay thanks UD, we've got really close to the foxes at one of the perms, like less than 10yards! so I'm sure you are right! Thanks for the advice, will bear it in mind! Mutt
  12. Hi guys, Im about to apply for my FAC and have been looking at my options and thought I'd just ask around here as I usually get great feedback and answers from this forum. My main quarry would be rabbits and foxes, although the possibility of roe deer has been mentioned but I dont want to base my first rifle on this as its just talk at the moment where as I have a couple of rabbit permissions already which have all said they would like me to do foxes too! My thinking was a .223 or .22- not sure which!? LR? RF? hornet? The permissions I have are not going to require 3-500 yard s
  13. Giant rats you say?! I think I may need to upgrade my sub-12ft-lb then FAC here i come
  14. I don't think so, I rather think its like the Prisoner serving WHOLE LIFE with NO CHANCE of parole, and being told not only does he have to support himself but he has to pay for all the rest of the prison inmates, saying... "I'd rather stay in because I know what its like here, but I'm not sure what its like in the real world outside!" PS It seems you also agreed with the population point I made, its isn't a population thing, it is................. Specific population size has little bearing from what I see, what a countries products/services, ideals, assets, attitudes, etc are
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