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  1. Tripped across these guys on Spotify, they've so many good songs it's hard to pick just one
  2. Been out and about quite a lot just recently, here's a few from the last couple of weeks ?
  3. Mooch that's not necessarily the case. Mine had a nearly identical injury, I wish I could find the pictures. The vet stitched it but the area was simply too damaged and the skin was pulled too tight. Everything went necrotic and died off leaving a bigger hole than the original wound. Opinions sought from 3 other vets, including a long distance consultation with my old boss because I trust him the most and they all said the same: stitching it was a mistake and my dog paid for it with a lot of pain and a much longer recovery. Sometimes treating as an open wound is the best option depending on wh
  4. Not easy with that kind of wound, you've done well ?
  5. My car is languishing in the garage this weekend, post MOT fail, which means I've had to settle for walking out local from the house. It's too b@stard warm and there are people everywhere. The woods I used to walk about 10 years ago are strewn with rubbish. The riverside I used to sit on almost daily is literally choked with rubbish, there's next to no wildlife, and there's so much of that Himilayan balsam the place stinks to high heaven and I had to karate chop my way through it in a fit of temper. Dog hammered a squirrel in front of a load of kids in the woods, which lead to me being c
  6. I was only 2 then ? My son actually had that playing in his room the other week, been a long time since I heard it. Amazing the memories music gives us. This thread has enriched my Spotify playlist 10 fold!
  7. My mum has traced us back through her dad's side, all the way to John of Gaunt. Which would mean I'm decended from King Edward the 1st, except there was a rumour that Mr Gaunt was actually the love child of a butcher from Ghent, so who knows ?? One ancestor burned for heresy, one a naval officer gifted land (and slaves) in the Americas for his service. His family were loyalists, and they made a run for Canada when the Americans decided they didn't want to play with the British anymore. One of them, a young boy, was captured by Natives. He stayed with them into adulthood, had 3 wives.
  8. Vitamin C with Zinc is best for boosting your immune system. In general I've found magnesium really helpful for generally having a bit more energy and sleeping better, which of course has a positive effect on your immune system as well ?
  9. Someone's actual profile pic on Match... I laughed really hard ??
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