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  1. Dude ... ffs Glad you're getting checked out mate, sure you'll be right
  2. Wouldn't be the first time
  3. Nobody following me. I'm deeply relieved to be honest
  4. My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. Sounded naff but I had some time to kill. Possible the best thing I've watched in recent memory. Truly a brilliant watch.
  5. Well she's an exceptional lass anyway, bright as a penny is how I remember her. She'll go far Mushy, done a great job there. Tell her I said well done
  6. The point I was making is that kids had more options to pursue things they enjoyed or were more inclined to. I couldn't really take shop but at least I didn't have to do more than 2 years of maths cause I was terrible at it Here, they have to learn what's imposed on them, like or lump it. At my kids school they HAD to take a language and the gcse topics were offered in bundles with no flexibility. Sets a lot of the kids up to fail imo.
  7. My high school was one of the most academic in my province once upon a time. But they also offered alternatives, you could take mechanics or wood shop (well, boys could. Girls were discouraged which is a shame, cause I would have done wood shop for sure. They offered me Home Economics ). You only needed to pass so many credits in a subject like maths or French, before you could drop it and chose something more suited to you. Funny how we've so-called advanced in recent years but lost all logic in so many ways.
  8. Well kinda, partly...and the bare fact is I wasn't going to win an argument with two 15 year old girls who did not want to go Long as they were doing their on line stuff then the deal was they didn't have to go in. They had to organise things when I was working and get on with it themselves, and apart from the odd bump in the road, they managed. If they had fobbed it off I'd have made them go. They slacked off now and then but to be quite honest, I'm not overly bothered. They're good kids.
  9. I work in a hospital so I was around it all the time, that was more than enough for me. It was an effed up, strange and stressful time for us all, so I did what I felt was best for us as a family
  10. Mine had places but honestly I didn't want them in. I kept them out to minimise exposure for us and for the kids who had to be in because they really couldn't look after themselves or had nobody at home who could. Mine might not be bright and shiny at teams lessons but they sure learned a lot about responsibility and looking after themselves. Long as they get through and move on that's all we care about. One of my girls got into the light mechanics course at the local college, I'm over the moon. She really struggled with everything this past year but she's bright and talented, just not by thei
  11. They don't even bring language in here till year 9. How stupid is that? They get three years of intense learning shoved down their throats along with all the other useless stuff they aren't even remotely good at/interested in. Back home many moons ago, we were graded annually on everything about our school life: engagement in class, group projects, quality and consistency of homework, showing up and on time etc. Final yearly exams counted for maybe 50% of your grade. It taught us way more than years of pressure, repetition and one final mark at the end. The quality of education here, from a ho
  12. I watched one on Netflix last night called Run. It's about a teenage girl, her mum is a psycho. Watched it with one of my girls and pointed out all the way through that at least I'm not THAT bad It was a little predictable, but an ok watch.
  13. Personally I had a hard time supporting my 3 with home schooling. Not because I'm stupid or lazy, it was just difficult for a number of reasons. I did the best I could with 3 teenagers who weren't always compliant or easy to engage. I've worked all the way through in the NHS as well, and that was a bit stressful at times. The government bangs on about how the kids are all behind but, for me, I think they might want to change the criteria they judge them by. Because it's utterly ridiculous the way they teach kids in this country. Learning is little more than repetition and stress. I feel
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