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  1. lurchergrrl

    **strong Stuff Collars**

    Whippet has been wearing an SS collar for a couple of years now. Still like new. Excellent value. My Nan always said, you get what you pay for.
  2. lurchergrrl

    How Long Would You Last In A Horror Film?

    7/7 Cause I'm a proper badass lol
  3. lurchergrrl

    Found Bullcross Methley Area

    No Bosun, Scallywag let me in the loop on it when he was first reported on FB. I didn't hear the bit about the dog being stolen tho. Condolences to the lad who's lost him. Hope the arsehole who reported it gets a flea infestation of the nether regions. If the dog was stolen and then dumped it'll have been unsteady and spooked and probably acting out of character. Humans really are assholes. Poor dog.
  4. lurchergrrl

    Found Bullcross Methley Area

    For anyone who might be looking, this was a large fawn dog wearing a Strongstuff collar. Reported by someone as being aggressive (probably lost/ditched while lamping and running loose, apparently worried some horses), he was picked up by the police. No further word on his fate tho I suspect it's not good.
  5. lurchergrrl

    Found Bullcross Methley Area

    Found early today. Male. Some minor injuries on his legs. Please get in touch if you're looking for him.
  6. lurchergrrl

    Lost Hawk Burnley

    Has anyone lost a hawk recently? One been sighted near me in Burnley, ringed and wearing a bell. Message me for more info.
  7. lurchergrrl

    Lost Patterdale In Burnley, Lancs

    Can't believe it! Gone six days, we were starting to lose hope. He's so thin, was covered in ticks and bites. But safe now. Thanks for looking out :-)
  8. lurchergrrl

    Lost Patterdale In Burnley, Lancs

    GOT HIM!!! :-D
  9. lurchergrrl

    Lost Patterdale In Burnley, Lancs

    The pup was sighted last night on the Greenway in the area of Whitegate, Padiham. Out till half 4 in the morning searching, but no joy. Please can folks keep an eye out, on the sales pages etc., and cross post this photo. Many thanks.
  10. lurchergrrl

    Lost Patterdale In Burnley, Lancs

    Loafer he went into that set - tried to stop him but down he went, and it's currently in use. He's only 9 months old so we feared the worst. Waited hours outside it, never heard a thing, been all over Gawthorpe all night but never saw him after that. People have spotted him at the Tesco in Padiham and on the cycleway at the back of the baths on Station Road. We've been everywhere looking and not seen him ourselves yet. There is a reward for this dog's return and he's registered with the chip company and police etc. as being lost, so hopefully if someone has managed to grab him they won't get funny ideas about keeping him or selling him on.
  11. lurchergrrl

    Lost Patterdale In Burnley, Lancs

    This pup went missing in Burnley, in the woods at Gawthorpe. He is less than a year old. Possible sightings around Padiham area not confirmed so he could be anywhere. He is microchipped and a reward is offered for his safe return. Feel free to message me and cross post.
  12. lurchergrrl

    Kids And Weight Training?

    Have a look at TRX training - google it for teens, there's heaps of info
  13. lurchergrrl

    Celebrity Bb What The F**k

    I've seen the adverts and all the carry on in the news papers - that was more than enough for me I can assure you! Besides, I'm too busy playing Candy Crush
  14. lurchergrrl

    Celebrity Bb What The F**k

    I'd rather set my hair on fire than watch that shite. I take great pride in saying that I have never, ever watched it. ... as if you bunch of blokes are sat here blathering over it :laugh:
  15. lurchergrrl

    Wedding Ring

    I weighed the ex husband's ring in - got myself a pack of fags and a fancy coffee for all it was worth