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  1. thanks gripper, usual culprits , walker , price oakes
  2. nice dog pup I got gifted at the weekend
  3. firepaw mills are decent enough but noisey as f**k.
  4. mine, only youngsters but keen wee things
  5. poor shot of the small dog but you get an idea of the shape he keeps himself in and you gotta love the attitude of this little bitch pup from a recent litter
  6. while there is something very therapeutic about looking after leather collars and leads, its just hard to beat the practically of the strong stuff gear , they dont rot or go moldly and if needs must, you just chuck them in the washing machine.
  7. strong stuff, i'm still using collars and leads i got of Aaron over ten years ago
  8. we're a blight on the landscape thats for sure
  9. stuck a few turbos on yesterday, apple elderflower, apple cranberry and plain apple. a decent juicer works on a small scale.
  10. yes mate, im my own boss and work from home, no way i could do them justice otherwise
  11. yeah mate all pups but their bibable enough at the minute, need my head looked at as i'm picking up another lurcher pup this evening sure but in for penny , in for pound
  12. my little pack of youngers, trying to keep them all kenneled together and trough fed , one slightly older border dog pup is with them as well but not in the pic, all going well at the minute, though i wont count my chickens
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