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  1. Hi guys, just to get your differant oppinions on these two popular brands of ammunition! So what do you guys prefer ? 40grain Eley subsonics or the Winchester max 42grain ? Ive done research on both of the brands of ammunition but what do you guys think for vermin hunting ? Cheers !
  2. Nice groupings Elliott ! Any oppinion on the situation with threading it if it has iron sights Using subs a mod isn't really necessary. If you want to get it chopped a bit shorter and screwcut for a mod it shouldn't affect the accuracy. Cheers for the info Elliot, what are the eleys like for hunting
  3. Nice groupings Elliott ! Any oppinion on the situation with threading it if it has iron sights
  4. Hey guys, so i'm thinking of purchasing a cz 452 .22lr for vermin shooting. Whats your guys opinion this rimfire ? What sort of ammunition does it like or prefer or can you feed it anything ? Also the rifle has iron sights on the end of the barrel , can these be chopped and then threaded for a moderator or will this effect the rifles performance ? or is there a different way of approaching this ? Any information would be much appreciated ! Cheers guys.
  5. Cheers for the information guys ! Very much appreciated ! Im going to stick with the airmax for another while longer and well see from there
  6. Cheers Rez ! ill keep the airmax on for another while so ! Cheers for the info !
  7. Hey Guys ! I currently have a Hawke AIRMAX EV 4-12X40 up on my Weihrauch hw97kt and i was considering upgrading the scope quality on my springer. I am new to Air Rifles and what type of brand and make of scope would suit a springer like the 97 ? Any info would be much appreciated ! Cheers lads !!
  8. hi bigmac , just back from an outing in one of my permissions where the cattle sheds are riddled in ferals. Well no surprise there was a heap of pigeons sitting on the rafters. So up i sat the 97k onto the sticks loaded with a jsb diablo exact and dropped the pigeon. I continued a walk around the farm and ended up with 7 ferals in the bag ! Delighted with the way my rifles performing after changing to the jsb exacts ! Top quality pellet
  9. Thanks bigmac, pm sent. Fair play to you. I was talking to a rifle smith today and he told me the ammo type with the pointed heads could be the problem or part of so im looking to get the dome type.
  10. UPDATE. Hi lads, just an update on the air rifle. got the gun grease and tools. striped the gun down and cleaned it up first. greased the parts which needed to be and put it back together. I set up a target @ 25 yards and the twang noise is gone and there's no dieseling. I still could not get a shot to hit a 1" square target. I shot off a bench with a shooting bag They grouped low and to the right and I made the clicks to bring it up and to the left. That moved it slightly close but then some of the shots would be a few inches off. I'm going to change the ammunition, I don't think i've
  11. no the gun is not new , the guy i bought it off had it a year or two, i think i will tune the rifle as you guys have advised. If the spring in the rifle is not damaged will i still replace it or carry on with the spring thats in it ? what type of grease do you guys reccomend to use ? I use lithium grease on my moderators for the centrefires , could i use this grease for the tuning of the springer ? Cheers guys
  12. Im using Gamo magnum energy pellets 15.43grain and have also tried gamo magnum pro 15.43grain didnt get 1 accurate group after trying these two differant pellets. Yes that is exactly what is happening there is smoke coming out of the barrel sometimes after a shot and there is a twang coming from the gun when fired , what is your oppinion on this situation mate. Cheers
  13. Hi all, ive got myself a .22 weihrauch hw97k. I set up my rifle on a bench and a shooting bag at 25 yards from my target. First shot was just on the edge of the target , second shot was about 3 inches to the left and an inch down from the target. I made the right amount of clicks on my scope to bring up the pellet but after this i fired another shot and it was out even more than the second one. I have been trying to zero this rifle for the past week with no success. The pellets will not even group and i have tried two differant types of pellets and ended up with the same results ! I am be
  14. thanks for all the advise lads just wanted to say that i dug with the dog on new years eve and he worked superbly !! he went in , found his game i let him settle for about 10 minutes as i was waiting to begin digging he was mixing it very well , found him on the box at 0.9 and began to dig. As i broke in he didnt lift his head once , did not come out of the hole , he was up in the face of his quarry still working him hard . I took up the quarry and dog together , let him play with the quarry and released it. I was over the moon with the dog and still am . Hope he stays going well
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