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  1. mate what u did was silly at the time hope u have learnt your lesson coz I heard never mind what))you do put some stuff away))lets just hope lesson learnt
  2. you do sound like top man now. Hopefully il be the same In 6 yearsis this the man police had his phone and that how they had him goat
  3. They were gifted......read the "whole" topic!! I was told by someone that knows Tony the bitches was swooped for a young black dog. I was told by someone who knows booth he couldn't lie straight in bed guess he right
  4. pretty shitty mate should only be 2 if u pack in dog goes back if dog no good pts everything else is bolloxs I think he knows you ain't in it for coin or you wouldn't have the dog in first place
  5. too late for money back taz dog gone where he should be just lesson learnt end of
  6. he grassing me up as well for barrel baiting or something and some one going to batter me see you round goat I'm moving
  7. fox f**k all he wouldn't do a minute with one u lieing count
  8. peddler your the dick selling shit not me you f***ing Muppet
  9. what the f**k u on about now tit dropping dogs in barrels never heard that one before that's what u do is it the only place that dog was dropped is in the ground in a barrel lol
  10. you know Mark mate he count his loss lesson learnt goat how you mate you up show Saturday mucker
  11. your right mate always said good uns never for sale they mates will them if they packing the game in desperate times he learnt his lesson on that one worse part he a good guy with the dogs
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