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  1. jacka

    Lurcher Dog Pup

    where abouts are you bud?
  2. jacka

    Calculate Foot-Pounds And Velocity

    No3 http://www.shootingchrony.com/ No4 http://www.chronoscopes.com/
  3. jacka

    European Out Derby

    good lad ste
  4. jacka

    Gestation Period

    it'll be 13 daysof incubation mate so could be hatching atdifferent times if she sat fromthe first egg or all together if thehen waited for a full clutch
  5. lovely country roundthere,pick us up on your way matt haha
  6. jacka

    Live Feed Bop Webcams

  7. jacka


    did youget a chrono sorted Matt?,if not you're welcometo fetch rifleand as many different pellets aspossible and use my combro i'm over thebridge in Gwynedd
  8. jacka

    Huma Reg

  9. jacka

    First Ratting Permission

    didn't think there was anyothers around churwell,i used to kill hundredsvery closeto the elland rd/churwellhill ones