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    Lurcher Dog Pup

    where abouts are you bud?
  2. jacka

    Calculate Foot-Pounds And Velocity

    No3 http://www.shootingchrony.com/ No4 http://www.chronoscopes.com/
  3. jacka

    European Out Derby

    good lad ste
  4. jacka

    Gestation Period

    it'll be 13 daysof incubation mate so could be hatching atdifferent times if she sat fromthe first egg or all together if thehen waited for a full clutch
  5. lovely country roundthere,pick us up on your way matt haha
  6. jacka

    Live Feed Bop Webcams

  7. jacka


    did youget a chrono sorted Matt?,if not you're welcometo fetch rifleand as many different pellets aspossible and use my combro i'm over thebridge in Gwynedd
  8. jacka

    Huma Reg

  9. jacka

    First Ratting Permission

    didn't think there was anyothers around churwell,i used to kill hundredsvery closeto the elland rd/churwellhill ones
  10. jacka

    First Ratting Permission

    opposite the newinn?
  11. jacka

    Permission Form

    lyme disease is ticks notpigeons mate,otherwise
  12. she should definately paint the baldy shiteing down a warren one
  13. jacka

    15Ft Locator

    go on then,pm'd
  14. jacka

    15Ft Locator

    go on then,pm'd
  15. hornets wereall regulated and with a swp of 230bar i doubt pressures theproblem.couldbe that the regs failed,have you hadit over a chrono?
  16. no closed season for seafishing, just make sure youknow sizelimits for the species you're likelytocatch if you're gonna keep any.as for what and when you'llcatch i dont know the area butgoogle does http://www.worldseafishing.com/fishing-marks/wales-fishing-marks/west-wales/aberporth-rocks-ceredigion/
  17. +1 no need. other than for sea trout and salmon you dont needa rod license forsea fishing
  18. jacka

    Good Gunsmiths

    valley arms in ruthin are supposed to be pretty good,never used them myself though.failing that it might be worth phoning alcatraz guns in pwllheli 01758 701414