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  1. Get well very soon hopefully jjm. All the very best mate
  2. Day by day thank you jonjon All the very best mate
  3. Correct again, I am not one of those that welcome most of today's technology. I do not even text or want to understand the non English used. I talk with a good old London accent. and do not want to be someone else as most today want to be in my opinion. The problem is that it is their world now, political correctness, the pursuit of pleasure all the minutes one is awake . The less they have to do the better they see it as. It is all part of the One World S**t they have swallowed, hook line sinker. If more say that it begins with an F and ends with an Off they will run and hide. Just my
  4. Totally agree, but it is only just one thing extra on top of all that is used to keep track on us. Even this replay is more than likely being saved somewhere for later sifting. Your internet provider can only operate with Government say so and consent same with the phones and like. I live in London, not sure if I can walk a few hundred yards without being on some camera at some point. All the very best
  5. Nothing of yours. Honest gov. All the very best Ted Newgent
  6. I see no problem for the Super Rich, if in doubt just try saying only paying this amount to the Tax Man next time. More than likely to try and stop putting drugs money back into legal circulation in my opinion. All the very best
  7. Good post, enjoyed Al the very best for you and yours Jonjon
  8. Very good bag Lee.m. Well done. Most go on the internet now, but a magazine is fine. SMILE Hope you find it Lee.m, and yes annoying as hell when one forgets things behind. All the very best
  9. Also that finger on the trigger. All the very best for you and yours mate
  10. I can see a TV serial coming out of this, well done to you all. Good post and images All the very best for you and yours Jonjon
  11. Don't give up or get despondent, try and try again, one will say yes to you. All the very best
  12. Have you had a look at one on a Rifle philpot? I would also if it was me look at the Airmax 30 SF Good luck All the very best
  13. Your title is to the point and correct in my opinion Underdog. That is all one has to have, Well I Like Them. If one was to say that my car was crap, I would answer with that maybe true, Bit It Is My Crap. Good post and yes good images All the very best for one and all
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