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  1. I'm in derby got 50 an message me if interested
  2. Gas you take some better pics you should be a photographer for some wildlife firm lol good pics mate can't wait to see what the season brings atb
  3. steven35


    Bitch gone to gaz good home plenty of graft best place for the tab gaz
  4. Cheers Tommy I use to take all mine 2 cockerx big slubulgray wipx an pup to last 2 big slubulx was in any cover they followed him an we used to get a few good day's they done ok for me an if you shot anything they would find it retrieve it in no time.covers heavy at the Moe went Sunday got to place was like sas getting through the cover ended up giving it a miss going skegvegas the weekend get a few on the sights on lamp can't wait kids can't wait for rides beach I can't wait till it gets dark lamping out window don't get out car dogs in an out passenger window lazy nights after running round with kids all day
  5. steven35


    Still got the bitch message me if interested Tommy took the other an seems happy with him
  6. Still got the bitch if anyone's interested message me
  7. Him an his sister both love the water shot a few geese an they retrieve in fact don't take him local park as he will take anything on the water lol had some funny early mornings not so funny when others about great pics lads.again couldn't of gone to better home atb
  8. Mums on muds profile pic
  9. Tommy yours Jim is first pic second from left back row
  10. Good to see them out doing what bread for well in mate
  11. Day and night walker the vet tried to tell me he had rotty in him couldn't convince him other wise lol I know the breeding my family bread him if I had a pound for everyone who said lovely Rottweiler how old is he I'd be rich lol I tell them what he is an he's with his sister different colours they don't believe that 1 what can I say very good workers been a delight to work if you didn't go to jail for growing your own would of keep them till the end atb
  12. Nice he got plenty of drive needs working I only get him out weekend with work would be out every day if didn't have to pay bills. Such is life
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