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  1. bear-uk

    New Bunny equipment

    I notice you have the Remote controlled version. Just sit at home and press some buttons.
  2. bear-uk

    Strange offering's at Leeds market!!

    Rusty bullet hole soup. Loverly
  3. bear-uk


    Aldi had some in last week. Looking like a trip tomorrow to see if there's any left .
  4. bear-uk

    Flat roof leaking

    I can highly recommend the Rubber roofing thats available. Long lifespan and easy diy fitting. Assuming its suitable for your house.
  5. bear-uk

    Mid Sized Van

    My 08 Vivaro cost me £1500 for a set of injectors with 50k on the clock.
  6. bear-uk

    Magpie Hunt, Family Conflict

    I enjoyed that.
  7. bear-uk

    Your Life Is Great For Three Reasons?

    Enough money to last (hopefully) Retired yesterday. Benidorm with the lads tomorrow. Whats not to like.
  8. bear-uk

    Sunday 2Nd

    Feck knows. it was a wind up
  9. bear-uk

    Sunday 2Nd

    I'm going. See you there.
  10. bear-uk

    How Long Will She Last

    There's no way all that promised money will be spent on the right area's. I thought see was good for the country until the election cock up.
  11. bear-uk

    Auction Houses

    I use the local auctions regularly. Here is an example of a recent sale. Gross total = £70 Vat commision = £17.40 Insurance =0 .70 Electrical testing =£4.00 Vat on charges =£0.94 Total charges =£23.04 Balance payable =£46.96
  12. bear-uk

    Northern Shooting Show

    I will go seeing as its only about 3 miles from my House
  13. bear-uk

    Van Insurance

    Aviva for me. My van is classed as modified as it has a 500 ltr water tank bolted in the back for the Window cleaning.. Around £600 with most companies. With Aviva it is £260 including breakdown, protected NC, Legal etc.
  14. bear-uk

    F**kin Fly Tippers

    My van permit is free. So long as its not Rubble its all free. Was once asked to pay a charge for 1 tile. That went in the domestic bin.
  15. bear-uk

    Half Decent Scope

    I've got a Mamba lite on mine. Its also a good scope to fit Night vision on.