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  1. If you want advice on loading black powder cartridges enclosed is the following If the cartridge cases are new and made by cheddite which will be 209 primers they are OK . For a 2.1/2 inch case the best load which is a volume load is 2.3/4 drms of black powder to 1.1/8 oz of shot For black powder loads the best cases are paper case which can be reloaded you will find that plastic cases melt holes in the case . The method of loading a standard 12 bore 2.1/2 inch case is has follows If new first the powder then a 1/8 card wad then a Klenna 1/2 felt wad followed by another 1/8 card , then the shot . followed by a 1/16 card and finished with a rolled turnover Always remember to put a 1/8 card on top of the Kleena wad because if not the shot will embed into the cleaner wad and will leave the barrel like a bullet and blow your pattern you should leave 1/8 inch of the case for the rolled turnover Feltwad
  2. I understand this person how he feels about sxs I am the same with me I started shooting 68 years ago when sxs were the thing you only rarely saw a o/u in the field Feltwad
  3. This gun was built approx. 1885 -90 at his Darlington shop , he also had shops at Stockton , and Middlesboro I had the gun restored and nitro in 1990 for which it has served me well . Feltwad
  4. For me it is always a sxs hammer gun for both game shooting and pest control using both nitro and black powder. Feltwad 20 bore sxs by Smythe of Darlington
  5. It seems has though you have had a good day at partridges using black powder it is more rewarding than using a modern over and under , to me you seem to remember every bird you shoot . I am a sxs shooter be it any type of ignition Keep your powder dry. Feltwad
  6. I did have some Papes in the past such has muzzle loaders , pin fires and breech loading hammer guns I did have a good hammer gun that was sold from Papes Sunderland shop but they were Birmingham made with Papes name on them I went more for Newcastle makers such has Gardner , Burnand , Allon Feltwad
  7. What is the maker of your hammer ? I go for my local gun makers of the area . Feltwad
  8. I have seen many good shots using a black powder hammer gun on driven days , but with a double barrel muzzle loaders on such a day it is best for two shooters to a peg , One pheasant, partridge shot with a muzzle loader is worth ten with a modern over and under ,they are days you never forget Feltwad
  9. Loaded a couple of small batches of black powder cartriges for driven partridge in 24 bore and 28 bore with number seven shot.For the 24 bore a load of 1.3/4 drms of medium black powder to 7/8 oz of number 7 shot, and for the 28 bore 1.1/2 drms of medium black powder to 3/4 oz of number 7 shot there is not much difference in these two calibre loads. Feltwad
  10. Tpph powder is good for rifles it is the powder the Proof House use, I have never used it in shotguns the best powder for shotguns was the Curtiss And Harvey black powder but sadly it is no longer made. Feltwad Old powder tins images from up
  11. Yes Swiss is a very good powder and is mostly used by competitive shooters of muzzle loading rifles and pistol it also is very expensive double the price of coarse black powder. If you do use Swiss then you must reduce the powder load . Feltwad
  12. For a 8 bore breech loader it is best to go for coarse powder the loading of the cartridges varies to the chamber size , most come in 4 chamber sizes .The loads that are recommended are has follows ,for 8 bore using a 4 inch case in a 4 inch chamber the standard load is 7.1/2 drms powder to 2.1/2 oz of shot, for a 3.3/4 case 7 drms to 2.3/8 oz shot ,for a 3.1/2 case 6.1/2 drms to 2.1/2 oz shot , for a3.1/4 case 6drms to 2.1/8 oz shot Always remember these loads are for coarse powder if you use medium powder drop your dram load of powder. Good luck Feltwad
  13. Just loaded a batch of 12 bore black powder cartridges ready for the driven pheasant days starting in November .For the high pheasants drives a load of 1.1/8 oz of number 5 shot, for a drive of average high flyers 1 oz of number 6 shot and 1oz of number 7 shot for the partridge drives Feltwad
  14. Disappointing turnout of exhibitors in the Countryside tent Feltwad
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    Good keep up the good work there is still plenty left Feltwad