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  1. I am sure no one knows when the GL will be back it maybe days or weeks or not at all. NE issued two sweeteners of individual licences one for crows and one for pigeons which kept most of the membership of the shooting organisation's of their backs ,but the main one the GL which pest officers need to cover several farms against rooks jackdaws and other corvids against the spread of disease and health and safety and also crop damage to date is not forth coming Feltwad
  2. Ditto to the numbers it keeps me active for my four score years , I still prefer to use a black powder shotgun or sxs muzzle loader Feltwad
  3. I have always found that on windy days birds that turn in a second and if shot a certain amount fall fifty to hundred yards away from the decoys .This in turn draws birds away from the decoys also it is bad practise to leave the hide to pick them up because crows can see you from a great distance which can reduce your chance of a good day . Feltwad
  4. My mistake entered my reply in the wrong forum should have been Todays Shoot please move Feltwad
  5. Windy days' I find are not good they can turn and be out of shot in a second when over the decoys . Feltwad
  6. I always carry a fisherman's priest for dispatching them their talons can also give a nasty wound . Feltwad
  7. A good two day country show the rural sports tent was well attended both days . Feltwad
  8. Maybe some of the older members remember other Nobel powders such has Nobel 1 and 2 , Nobel 60 62, 64 78 , 82 all good powder some were specially for wildfowling. Feltwad
  9. It has been a good breeding season for both rooks and jackdaws they have been giving the barley a lot of damage and I have made some big bags in the last few weeks . Feltwad
  10. The Noble series were good powder but the powder I like the most and I still use it today if I get hold of it is Greenbat powder by Greenwood and Batley of Leeds . Feltwad
  11. If you want advice on loading black powder cartridges enclosed is the following If the cartridge cases are new and made by cheddite which will be 209 primers they are OK . For a 2.1/2 inch case the best load which is a volume load is 2.3/4 drms of black powder to 1.1/8 oz of shot For black powder loads the best cases are paper case which can be reloaded you will find that plastic cases melt holes in the case . The method of loading a standard 12 bore 2.1/2 inch case is has follows If new first the powder then a 1/8 card wad then a Klenna 1/2 felt wad followed by another 1/8 card , then th
  12. I understand this person how he feels about sxs I am the same with me I started shooting 68 years ago when sxs were the thing you only rarely saw a o/u in the field Feltwad
  13. This gun was built approx. 1885 -90 at his Darlington shop , he also had shops at Stockton , and Middlesboro I had the gun restored and nitro in 1990 for which it has served me well . Feltwad
  14. For me it is always a sxs hammer gun for both game shooting and pest control using both nitro and black powder. Feltwad 20 bore sxs by Smythe of Darlington
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