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Found 32 results

  1. Got chance to test Gavs balls this afternoon! That sounds all wrong!! The balls Gav kindly cast and sent me I mean. I used an old sign that's lay in the grass for years. Take a look and I will explain. I was aiming for the P at 30yds. The two shots close to the P and the shot just above them two were the best load chain today. The high one was the aiming, I was seeing to much barrel and the following two responded perfectly to my adjusted hold. The other three were a different load and unsatisfactory. In saying that the sign easily represents a small deers chest and all six shots would of killed a deer! With the good load I should be able to hunt rabbit with. Here is the reverse side of the target. I love this fusil, it has a fast lock and gets good speed up. Got some squirrel with shot too. Cheers Gav, now I know it's worth getting a mould. U.
  2. I had an hour to spare so decided to take the 17HMR out, I don't get it out enough really, mainly just because I'm a tight old git! Anyway hole number one, ranged at 88 yards with rangefinder, scanning the ground with the scope, a bloody immigrant came into sight, to my absolute disgust it was actually copulating with a local, having no choice I promptly dispatched it, the participant promptly ran off or it would have got the same. Three more locals swiftly followed their demise, as I was waiting to see if any more wanted to play I realised I had my phone, so took pictures too. I then went on down the road to another spot I frequent, most ran off as I approached, but managed to nail two that were convinced they were hidden as rocks, I proved them wrong. One actually managed to writhe around a bit after the first shot so a second was issued promptly, these were around the 75 yard mark. I wanted to checkout another hole I'd been hammering quite hard during the week and taken 19 out of since Monday. I was pretty sure they knew my landy by now and would be holed up before I got chance to scope them out, oh how wrong I was, two babies an easy target out around eighty yards (yes I shoot babies, they'll be big ones soon enough). I also missed a bigger one a bit further out which ran to ground very quickly, must have been close but not close enough. I'm sure everyone has seen enough dead rabbits so took some of the scenery I shoot around instead apart from the floozy immigrant, I thought you all like to see that. All in all not a bad hour, and the scores are :- Rounds taken = 10 Bunnies dispatched = 8 = £4 from the estate. 5 sold = £5 so all in all more than covered the ammo, happy daze
  3. Had a little mooch last night around the stables for an hour or so. No soon as load the CZ I see my first target for the night, only been there 5 minutes. It caught sight of me and bounced off, I thought it would be well gone, but oh no. Popped my head around the side of the stable and there it was, sat perfectly up right no more than 20 yards away. I got my self positioned to shoot through the fence and then let the trigger finger go. Next thing thud, nice little head shot
  4. Longshanx

    Another 3 down

    Thought I’d have an hour or so up the stables tonight, glad I did. Just creeping towards the stable and spotted my first of the night on the path. As I crept up he started heading towards the paddock, I crept under the fence and there he was sitting nicely minding his own business munching and then........... bang one down. Just as I scanned the field there was number two, a good 75 yards and again...... bang, down goes number 2. Two in 10 minutes of arriving. Thought I’d look Over the fence through the trees and number 3 pops it’s head up, 60-70 yards and with a squeeze of the trigger..... bang, a nice little hat trick for the evening. Happy days!!
  5. As it was nice took the .22 out, using cci mini mags got these four around the 60yds mark, all headshots within 15 minutes. As I took the first photo and was about ready to pack up, one of their friends popped it's head out wanting to play, around the 40yds mark, I was happy to oblige. The difference in damage at 20yds difference is explosive.
  6. Well now ,took my self and my new tool to the farm and unloaded in a likely spot .Before even unpacking saw a white butt in the distance ,quick load and rest on the gate 1 down first 5 minutes wow impressed myself .Set up and worked out how to get in of course the rifle is longer than the hide but a bit of draped camnet sorted this, minor issue .Quick scan and a buck was about 70yds away having a play time for number 2 .By dark oclock 4 shot but only 2 worth bringing back clean of mixxy .This location has 3 warrens and seems like 2 are clear ,happy with the hide yes ,could do with with a shorter barrel but will do for pigeons and for my perm as its tree lined but open fields apart from the plantation . And the chair is sturdy which is good for a large gentleman such as myself
  7. Longshanx

    Not a stitch

    Out last night for a mooch around and not a thing to be seen Got the shock of my life though, walking toward the stables then hey presto the 4 horses came right at me. Looking at me very curiously as they walked past stood in the top paddock, field that I wanted to be in. With a little gentle persuasion, lots of squeaking of the lip and holding my hand out as to say I mean no harm, got them into the bottom field and closed the gate till I was done. They must have thought who’s this nutter After all my efforts not a bloody thing!! Probably all the lip squeaking lol. Nice walk and some peace and quiet so not all bad
  8. Drop the boss off ,head to the farm and park at the owners mum,s and as im setting up i can hear rimfire? .Totally against all rules of the owner n never happened before ,so a quick scan with thermal but no sign off who ever is shooting so plan B ,off with the mod and crack a loud one off . Magically the flurry of shots stops so assume they/theyve done one back to their likle house on wheels .Starts a proper mooch and see,s a weird critter ambling and havent got clue 1 what it is ..Torch on its a mr tiggywinkles doing worms over for his tea well pleased not seen 1 for years.Back to the reason for being there and can see a couple in the cover crop sneaks up like a large hobbit and pops a shot ,1 down .Does the wee routine n pops im in the game bag without looking at him proper <big mistook> Across about 30m is his friend/brother so gives him the good news same again wee and in the bag ,lazy fool .1 more circuit of the field and another 1 appears in the same area so t67 on rabbit down feeling well pleased 3 is plenty for the pot .Unload ,headtorch on knife out to gut oops oh bugger 1 has his eyes rolled/gummed shut , 1has nose dishcharge and all are alive with fleas blooming Mixy has landed no wonder they were simple shots .Well peed off been 2 years lucky but i suppose the damp months and sudden hot spell have made the little barstewards thrive . My next outing will be a different area and involve a lot more checking of skin/eyes etc
  9. Dropped the boss at work and headed for my perm as the rain had stopped,what a mistaka da maka .2 sections of road under water and the kia swam through safely .Got there ,loaded up and set the thermal searching but you could see my usual warrens basically under water.So plan b off to the high seat see if the howling vixen across the next valley would bring a friend as my .22 was wanting to scratch an itch. After an hour of more bleddy rain i get the stuff this im going home idea as the foxes were sensible and went to mcdonalds or somesuch.So off i trott along the fence of death valley <terrible collapsing Badger wrecked mess> and 2 bunnies are happily chewing the fat in the driving rain so i takes aim kneeling at the head of the left hand and the impact gives him the spins up and over routine .His mate legged it so i pops me head over to see my dinner rolling down slope.Over the fence goes me and slides like an elephant on ice past the bunny.After much french language and a branch from a bush as a crutch dinner is recovered and i crawl back over the fence.Now dripping with mud me and my tea slipslides back to the car and he donates his bit to the fox bait pile .Luckily i had time to go home and throw all in the washing machine before picking "her" up from work as its hard to drive with a cz for a suppositry .Anyone with amphibious warfare training ideas gratefully received
  10. So yesterday morning went for a mooch ,first time in weeks but thanks to fencing contractors n chainsaws not a bunny to be seen ,decided to check zero as the cz hadnt been out since initial days.Well fitting the T67 ad moved her to the right <???> so on the fourth shot zing sonic crack,checked the mag all winnie subs but by shot ten 3 had gone supersonic.Never had this before a startling animal scaring crack x 3 from the same box of subs . Anyone else experienced this wtf moment or is it just my 25 broken mirrrors kind iof luck
  11. First CZ 452 ,22"barrel .22l/r P/H mod ,Redfield Accuranger 3-9x42 scope ,taking her for a zero tomorrow .Selection of rounds to try ,CCI Segs ,Win subs,Fiocchi subs ,Eleys too .Just get a few bunnys for the pot and some crows before lambing time .Cant wait for this rain n fog to do one
  12. thought I would have a wander with the .22lr this evening as haven't used this rifle for a few weeks. there was virtually no wind when I got there and I saw a squirrel near one of the feeders. my range finder said 104 yards. I don't usually take shots at this distance but with conditions being ideal I gave it a touch over two dots of holdover and down it went. Moving further on I laid up waiting for rabbits to venture out when the second squirrel appeared at 20 yards and I made the straight forward shot. finally a rabbit came out at 75 yards and that finished the evening off just as the heavens opened with torrential rain. my shooting vehicle (ford focus lol) just about made it back along the now flooded and slippery track. good to know that the time of spent learning my bullet drops over the years still reaps the rewards
  13. Hi Lads, I was out lamping on my own last night,after fox,With the .223 and the hand held 170. As per my norm, I got into a few difficulties lamping and shooting.on my own. I am thinking of getting a scope mounted 170.But I cant see a variable option are they available????? I will be mounting it on a centrefire and a rimfire. Any advice welcome. I was wondering what the boys who lamp single handed use?? Thanks in advance Wam
  14. Long long day. Up at 5:30, granddaughter! Walk dog. Take Granny and grandchild to Llandudno! Get home and phone rings! Local gamekeeper seen a fox going into a wood. I arrive 1/2 hour later and start calling. An hour later a dog fox walks past. Jess alerted me by being fixed on something behind me! Grabbed the camera and got back to the car just dodging a storm! Knackered zzzz U.
  15. bilbobagins

    Rimfire Chop

    ok guys got a 20 inch cz 452 rimfire and fancy having it cut down to 16 inch and the end screwcut for a moderator so can any recomend some one to do the work up in the northeast of england and any idea of how much its likely to cost
  16. I've Just purchased a new Browning T-Bolt in .22 stainless. I already own a CZ 452 in .22. Can anyone tell me if I can expect to get the same accuracy out of the Browning as I already do from the CZ ? I purchased the CZ new in 1992 and its still in original condition (no mods). I'm shooting about an inch group at 60 yards (with no wind) with the CZ Have I made the right choice with the new purchase ?
  17. i thought i would put this video in the rimfire section as well as the night vision section as it crosses both categories. we were out for nights shooting rabbits with our .22lr's mine a CZ 452 with Boyd's stock and micks a ruger 77/22 we ended up with 160 rabbits by the end of the night. The mist kept coming and going so it made for difficult filming with night vision so apologies in advance for the odd fuzzy shot. all the rabbits were head shot as they were going to the game dealers in the morning as soon as we had finnished. Enjoy Cheers Daz
  18. I was actually thinking the same thing, is there another alternative to the .17hmr which offers great accuracy over longer range, less effected by the wind and does no more damage to the meat?. As i have no experience with the 22 or 17 hornets and neither the 17 remington or fireballs i can understand that there may be varied factors to take into account and reloading being one in favour, so if someone like myself or another person thinking of changing calibre would the types calibre's i've stated be viable options, i know that you always end up sacrificing in one way or another. almost forgot to say that i would be using the alternative for the same reasons matthill01 has stated being predominantly rabbits and some fox.
  19. Finally got to grips with my CZ 452. I cant get over how accurate the .17 HMR round is. Love it, so glad i went through the hassle of getting a FAC. Sorry about the poor photos
  20. Going for fac very soon and looking to purchase a .22lr. Not going to spend mega bucks as it is my first, looking maybe cz, have shot 452 American. What other options are there, with short, "hunter" style barrels, 5-8 mags? Thanks
  21. Went out last night in the heavy rain with my mate Peter. Had a total of 23 rabbits. Not bad considering we thought it was going to be a waste of time.
  22. On Saturday night i decided it was time to set off out after Charlie. The weather was just perfect, it was very dark with slight drizzle and a light breeze. It was the night after heavy rain and strong winds. Getting ready i grabbed the 222 out of the cabinet and screwed on the T8 whilst deciding which bullets to use, due to windy conditions i went with the Remington Express 50gr PSP. I grabbed a few calls, snacks and was ready for take off, when all of a sudden my girlfriend insisted she accompanied me. After what felt like 2 hours she was finally ready. When we walked outside the door it was absolutely p*****g it down but this didn't bother me the slightest. I had one goal on my mind and that was to get the fox that had been taking the neighbors hens. We jumped in the Land Rover and drove up to a spot where in previous nights i had seen it lurking around. Sweeping the fields with the lamp revealed a couple of eyes, but they were only hares so my lass turned off the lamp. after about 20 seconds of calling we gave it 5 minutes before scanning again. Turning it back on revealed a badger. So we continued up the road. Because it was late we both decided we weren't going to stay out as long as usual so we drove straight to the moor in which the fox had been seen last. Driving up the track i noticed that my girlfriend had fallen asleep, so i had to open all the gates myself. We traveled about 600 yards along the track at the bottom side of the moor. i got out and swept the lamp across the open land. Nothing was around so i decided to call. i use a pocket call 3n1 on the cx setting. With the lamp still on, i let the rabbit squeal into the night, after about 5 minutes a set of eyes appeared over the top of the quarry around 900 yards away. so i turned off the lamp and woke up sleepy head lol. She passed me the rifle and i cycled a round into the chamber as she quietly wound down the window, opening the bipod legs i continued to call. Instinctively my girlfriend turned on the lamp and we both watched him running in towards us, she had the light slightly above his head just enough for us to see his eyes glowing. When he reached around 300 yard i watched him come in through the Schmidt & Bender, when all of a sudden he disappeared, so i squeaked with the back of my hand and all of a sudden he emerged. He stopped still in his tracks at around 150 yards away looking directly at us trying to figure out what it was, before he had chance i let rip a 50gr, with a sudden thud confirming a hit. It was a clean kill straight to the chest. I was chuffed with how my lass handled the lamp as she didn't spook it. On closer inspection it turned out to be the fox id been after! a big dog fox!
  23. Recently aquired some new permission for Rabbits,Fox and Mink on a golf course in this area, but after speaking to the Director I think a rimfire may be in order as oppose to my usual ferrets and nets approach. I would drop some snares down but I live a little too far away to be able to check them reguarly enough. I want to do a good job for the guy regardless as permission is permission nowadays. So if someone fancies coming down for a reccy and let me now what they think with regards to shooting clearance it would be much appreciated. Experienced guns only and insurance is a must. Drop me a PM. Atb, B&W
  24. doddsy1970


    Hi Guys....... I shoot aprox 3000 acres and this year I have noticed a decline in rabbit numbers. My personal belief is that the wet weather through the summer has had a drastic effect on the resident population. Has anyone else noticed the same?
  25. try putting that on pw theyd have ya guts for gatters personaly id say good shot and y the hell have i got lines fru my post lol