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  1. mark williams

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    Regardless of time limits I`ve sent yet another email. Crop damage and pigeons is starting big style on my permissions
  2. Nice , quiet day at work this morning until 1-35 pm Two Magpies took the three chicks from a nest opposite our roof works, throwing them one after the other to the ground, then swooped down and pecked the heads of the defenceless chicks until all were dead. Lads, I felt sick and furious ! When are these clowns going to sort the general licences out ? atb. Mark.
  3. mark williams

    the boys ultra

    Nice shooting Si Nice block work too mate atb. Mark.
  4. mark williams

    AA ultimate sporter

    Enjoy the new gun and extras Jimmy, you deserve it mate. I tried the Ult` Sporter at my range some months back and I too was tempted. Once adjustments to the stock are made to fit you the gun goes to a different level. As you know, a well fitting gun takes the accuracy available a lot easier to attain. That Sporter was one of the most pointable rifles I`ve ever held Good luck with it mate, the one I shot was .177 by the way and her accuracy was astounding with AA Fields 8.4g, 4.52. atb. Mark.
  5. Just had a nice week in the Lake District lads under canvas, (folding camper ), I loved it. Anyway the beer was flowing in the local pub one night and I was talking with some sheep farmers about the GL. To cut a long story short, their attitude was a no nonsense one, crows or anything else attacking their livelihoods is to shoot , period !
  6. mark williams

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    I have wondered how this man can dictate to so many and we to know of him, is so few. After his latest song and verse with regards to Nightingales and culling deer has convinced me that he is simply a very uneducated hypocrite in country life and in my mind is playing his games to suit his mind/ ego rather than the countryside and wildlife. I wonder if this gentleman will be passing his judgements over peoples cats next, it`s well known that domesticated cats take a good 27 Million birds a year in the British isles. I do wonder if the crows hung on his gate , etc, etc, etc were put there by his own friends too
  7. mark williams

    Out for a few hours

    Rez, - please don't tell me that's that fecker you went to the back of your pub with ! Top shooting Naps, as per. ate. Mark.
  8. mark williams

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Four or five ? You need to come back down for "some more" lessons Rez. Tommy. x
  9. mark williams

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    I'm going to wait after reading through the very accurate BASC reports/ surveys of the matter. They really are getting to the "real truth" of things . atb. Mark.
  10. mark williams

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Thanks Timmy, we are expecting the usual large crop circles and large grain losses sooner or later, so I`ll just carry on watching and the farmer is employing the gas bangers for now.
  11. mark williams

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    This is why I posted this post, if we look back ? If we follow GL 31 does it mean crop protection can resume ? That is why I asked if anyone could tell me the answer in English. ATB Mark.
  12. If I have this wrong, I`m sure you lads will put me right. After reading through a minefield of GL material does it say we can shoot under a general licence GL31 and GL 33 for Wood pigeons ? Also GL26 for Carrion Crows ? Magpies and Jays are protected just yet ? It does seem to stress - To " prevent serious damage to crops ", so the way I percieve this is that Johnny is walking his shoot and a wood pigeon flies past, or sat in a tree, you cannot shoot as no " serious crop damage" is occurring ? I also read that the new general licences took effect 3rd May until December 2019 ? Regards to decoying I would surmise that a stubble field has had the crop taken by the farmer and the pigeons are causing no damage so cannot be shot BUT if an adjoining field is still under crop then the decoys offer a very good way of control ? How on earth are they ever going to police this mess ? Thanks for any feed back lads, I just need to here what's what in English. atb Mark.
  13. mark williams

    Hw77 pellet choice?

    Very sorry for the late reply Rez, She is chucking them out at a very steady 817 ft/sec`- 11.67 ft/lbs . ( I know mate, I`ve got my eye on the power) I know mines .177 yer git. Just offering a suggestion of what's working well in .177Jim, as it might well work well in .22. ( that was my theory anyway). ate. Mark.
  14. mark williams

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    I am getting the impression the timing of this whole affair from start to finish will mirror the breeding seasons . Just imagine the explosion of corvid and pigeon numbers from just this alone.
  15. mark williams

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    As a guess, in situations like that and far less, those farmers will put two fingers up to all who think they can tell a hard working farm to lose money hand over fist because they like crows,- guaranteed they will shoot them,- who would`nt - 200 lambs taken in the most cruelest ways. I often have an evening out at the local pub, frequented by local farmers and without going into detail they "ALL" totally disagree with the revoke of the GL , yes, every last one of them ! Great post lip - just goes to show how much out of touch with the countryside these idiots are !