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    Pure Airgunning, HW 97K.

    This permission`s rabbit numbers are now well under control. Just single rabbits are the normal nowadays . On the approach into the permission a single rabbit was nibbling away so I slowly stopped my van, got out, loaded up and took a rest as best I could, against the back of the van, range 53 yds lased. I had to shoot under that overhanging tree. You can just make out the white of the rabbit`s underside, centre of the disused lane, upper left to the blue water barrel. Here`s the camera view on full mag`. Lased to 53 yds. Here`s Kaiser, jumps the gates in and out, retrieving the rabbit to hand. Lads the HW 97, JSB Exact Express combination is really accurate and hard hitting. I`m very impressed with the tuned HW 97K .177, very impressed indeed. atb Mark.
  2. mark williams

    Primo trigger sticks

    Yes, 36 years in business, I must have some sort of popularity too Why did I even answer that ? ffks.
  3. mark williams

    Primo trigger sticks

    I don`t half attract your attention, don`t i You need to get out and shoot something , quickly ! "Just one" is a good start for you Mitch
  4. mark williams

    Primo trigger sticks

    Phil, get one of those Jack Pyke pigeon buckets with the swivel seat, it also carries a lot of gear for you when going static hunting. A big tip, sit with your back against a fence or tree trunk - both give greater accuracy to you. atb Mark.
  5. mark williams

    starting yours tomorrow Mark

    They are going to be stunning Jimmy. I`ve never seen anything like them on a rifle as yet.
  6. mark williams

    Well hello again

    Aye up Matty , Nice to see you around again
  7. mark williams

    Couple of hours

    Shooting Phill I imagine your range finding must have to be absolutely spot on with .25 cal at sub 12 ft/lbs ? How testing that trajectory must be, so much so as a couple of yards/ metres out with your range estimation/ range finder at 40 yds would surely result in a clean miss ? Compliments Phill
  8. mark williams

    HW97K 177 Vortek PG2 SHO

    Welcome Robo, Excellent shooting with your springer Just bought a 97 myself atb Mark
  9. mark williams

    The HW97K .177 " Rocks"

    Out again this evening lads onto the little nursery with the 97K. Just the two presentations again but didn`t she take them well. The accuracy of this combination is just superb, atb Mark.
  10. mark williams

    Out again.

    Well lads, out again and not a movement in nigh on 3 hours. I`m a patient sort "ish" By the time 2 hours had elapsed I was making use of the time and spent a good hour plinking, setting a final click on the scope and giving myself all sorts of differing scenarios to shoot at. Just loved being in the field, giving Kaiser blind retrieves and seen retrieves to command, - great fun , after " all these years", I just loved it ! atb Mark.
  11. mark williams

    Mark LGV - LGU

    One of my mates off another forum said,- A lot of HFT shooters are using these rifles Mark, that in itself answers many a question. It surely does ! I fell out with the router mark on my rifle`s stock, " big time" as did a large majority of readers who saw the photos I posted of it. The rifle, the Master Pro, certainly performed well in the field lads and I agree with all that Tim, ( Charlie Caller) is saying about the Walther rifles LGU and LGV, in .177. Yep a thought or two is in the back of my mind as whether or not to get another and close the cabinet. I thought the trigger not as good as AA or HW but do remember, those trigger units are " incredible". I thought the stock of the Walther - bland. I thought the blueing of the Walther not as good as AA but on a par with HW. I`m no gun smith but I instantly recognised something special was going on internally with the Walthers. A walther, " tidied up" trigger wise will make a very tasty hunting rifle and I`m close to thinking that way. The HW 97K I`ve just bought, I`m finding very hard to put down, it`s incredibly accurate and hard hitting as is my Pro Sport and T Rex, - I just love the competitiveness owning such rifles,- it " brings the best out of you as a spring rifle hunter ". Here`s my Walther Master Pro .177 first hunting session. atb Mark.
  12. mark williams

    A few more

    Compliments John , Nice shooting
  13. mark williams

    Airguning nostalgia

    My Dad loved second hand shops and antique shops, - I fecking hated them ! I was 9 yrs old on holiday at Blackpool, I was begging to go to the fair and he had me, my beloved uncle Wally, aunty Peggy and my Mum in fecking junk shops when I spotted a Milbro G something pistol - within seconds it was bagged and mine "IF" I shut up. Well my mate Paul had a Gat and we went hunting. Pauls Gat would just about take a sparrow at 5 yds ( early 1970`s) that Milbro just bounced off . I came home from school a few weeks after getting the pistol and my Dad had confiscated it, saying sorry Son you are not old enough to own it and you have to be accompanied by an adult. My Dad " broke my heart that day"- did I have to wait until I was 14 for a rifle, - 5 years is an eternity ! I walked the woods with a catapult for months and months, an elderly chap with a dog used to wink and say "Morning lad" on many occasions until one day he asked my name, he told me his name was Geoff`, to his friends and to call him Geoff`. Geoff` was Head Game Keeper to the estate and once I had told him about how lost I felt not being able to have an air pistol he waved his wand, spoke with my Dad and I was the Head Keepers youngest ever, unpaid, under keeper, ever ! My Dad could see my world was back and Geoff taught me everything I could wish for. My Dad bought me a Relum Tornado and 4x20 sights for my 12th birthday and said " don`t get caught on your own with it". On my 14th birthday my High School Headmaster had me do a seminar in the sports hall telling all the pupils about my life hunting, fishing and trapping the land, even allowed the Tornado in school for the seminar. Geoff` taught me how to Keeper and by the time I was 16 I was shooting the legendary FWB Sport 127 and the rest you pretty much know lads atb Mark.
  14. mark williams

    Mark LGV - LGU

    Am I becoming a little bit of an inspiration to Mitch boys - why else would he be following me, eh ? heh! heh! atb Mark.
  15. mark williams

    starting yours tomorrow Mark

    I`ll be sizing them myself wont i Jimmy , when they are done ? Any rifle will look really smart carrying one of those caps mate. They really are a credit to you Jimmy Can`t wait
  16. mark williams

    Now that dolly has gone....

    Compliments Nathan Great shooting. I`m with you lads, just can`t put the spring rifles down at the moment. Went out for an evening rabbit again tonight but nothing showed, still loved every minute though. Again, nice shooting Nathan.
  17. mark williams

    starting yours tomorrow Mark

    Feck me, that`s going to be Beautiful Jimmy . I can see you getting a lot of requests mate. Pistol grip caps like that will be just stunning on any rifle.
  18. mark williams

    BSF rifle

    Both of my FWB`s are fitted with brand new, sized Air Master piston seals, original unused FWB main springs original internals, all mirror polished and correctly lubed. Both are hovering at 11.6 and 11.7 ft/lbs for two years now. Fantastic rifles. atb Mark.
  19. Available on Free ads tonight boys and in pristine condition.
  20. mark williams

    BSF rifle

    Mine didn`t RB
  21. mark williams

    BSF rifle

    Hi Phil, BSF Bavaria Sport Fabrik, made in west Germany, Bavaria. Remember the Mercury, Air Sporter, Relum Tornado, Webley Vulcan etc, etc, they were all classed as high powered air rifles when I was a kid. Well they were all chugging along at 10.5 ft/lbs if you were very lucky. The FWB Sport was way ahead of the crowd and the BSF Bavaria 55, S 60, S70 and later S80 were up there with ease in the power ratings also, at just under the legal limit if my memory is correct ? My mate Kev` Campbell had the S60, a very solid, heavy steel, build to last, type rifle but he just could not tame her hold sensitivity, boy are these rifles hold sensitive and he went on and part chopped the BSF for a standard HW 35 .22. A long ago memory for me Phil, hope it helps any ? Phil, if your Son-in-law wants to pass that rifle on, can this working home have first refusal please ? atb Mark.
  22. mark williams


    I was taught to wipe her over with a lightly oiled, lint free cloth, each and every time she was handled for any reason and that`s what I do. If it`s raining, I either, don`t go out or take the 12`s out as it`s so easy to dismantle a shot gun to dry, clean and lightly wipe over with the oily cloth. atb Mark.
  23. mark williams

    hard to tell

    Personally, I can`t " split a hair" between my T Rex, Pro Sport or 97, they are all superb rifles to own and shoot. I`ll find it very interesting, testing the Pro Sport and 97 against the wood pigeons shortly but I do " predict" some good bags with these rifles. The 97 carrying the Hawke Endurance scope with cross hair and pin point reticule, in 177 cal is astonishingly accurate to be honest and knocking game over as soon as look at them. The decoying season will soon be upon us, my dead decoys are ready and waiting, springers ready and waiting and I`m ready and waiting
  24. mark williams

    First go at elderflower cordal

    Encourage your daughter mate good on you ! Out and about the fields/ wildlife instead of face book, games, telly or phones.
  25. The most tender and flavoured squirrel you could ask for. Simply dress your squirrels, heat a deep fat fryer and " deep fry them". Here`s one of my Sons and his girl friend tucking in. A great party treat when the beer is flowing also