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  1. You dont really see any ducks in Ireland out from mallard and teal and their scarce in the country side,well around me they are.
  2. I bolted a cat once to straight into a long net it didnt end well for the cat.
  3. Rainy day is your best bet here,go for sandy earths,or look for stray or grass pulled in
  4. I no of a chihuahua that got attact by two buzzards had a luck escape.
  5. The problem started when I left her loose in the yard she has access to all the land around plus theres leverts moved into the sheds about the yard thats what kicked her off on them.
  6. Hares run in big circles but when they keep getting up deer are worse they really do go for miles.
  7. I'll get her out with a few older dogs see if they keep her off them.
  8. Theres plenty of foxes on the same ground but she still prefers hares I suppose beagle and harriers are bred for hare shes only doing what she bred for really.
  9. Whats do you all do to prevent stop a youngster from huning hare appart from the obvious,I've a six month old bitch just started hunting hare and I want her for fox,shes beagle/harrier over beagle/border terrier.
  10. Quote chesney Its always interesting to here how different crossed work out,did she continue to produce workers.
  11. What way did the choc bitch work did she work to ground and stick with it.
  12. We give them a break around here about the start of febuary you should no a cub set from obvious signs, but theres plenty only start getting out now when the whether dries up.
  13. Done it was at 71% for the no vote.
  14. It would be very hard to inforce that law in border areas I cant see it coming in.
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