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  1. I wonder did they ever go in the next day after
  2. Yea you can sing that, the high up law men would be at your door at 6 or 7 in the morning and question you then not get the right answers they want make up there own answers I can't even have a drink in this country over the law and order their worse than any of them scumbags and thieving terriers lurcher cars horses up and down the country and nothing about it and have been for years.
  3. Lots of question who's worse the thieves the buyers or the fellas who set it up or maybe thieves knew them directly.
  4. Walker the stalker is flat out lamping deer he doesn't want any one else at them oh I any one no a fella called Gary O Rielly.? Keeps dogs
  5. Only those in the secret society noif your not in the clique forget about it.
  6. I never said they were no good I said their not truly game not in comparison to hard terrier or old type working staff.
  7. Yea bull X greyhound and you could hardly call that a test of gameness and there's a fair amount of bull X that won't look at them, , collie x grey do the same job is it the game bred collie.
  8. There just filthy dirt their destroying the country side anytime I was out cover hunting last year them dirt would appear they want every one on gear so they can control us.
  9. That's typical it's the same up and down the country, nottin but a shower of tax collectors for their masters and the best bit their that brainwashed when they leave templemore they don't even realise the clowns their been made of.
  10. Ye have to be careful what you say the written word is liable and at the end of the day doesn't matter what someone did or didn't the book stops with the law and order they decide who's guilty and who walked general rule of thumb ye talk ye walk
  11. I'm glad he got back some of his dogs but theres alot of question marks surrounding this hole incident its like a puzzle
  12. Sure every one knows their names by now I never asked what they were driving because its not the cars fault. The dog thieving and other animals theft has been going on for years but this is the very first time I've of the law and order getting involved.
  13. It means their well bred for the job their bred for, they are doing their very best they didn't no they were going to die I've seen a few rabbit lurcher kill them selves of banks and fences after rabbits same dogs wouldn't look at a fox didn't make them dead game just died doing what their bred for.
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