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  1. It was in real tick cover up on a bank beside a deep drain had to crawl into the earth not really a sot for a slip.
  2. Should be jumping fences lurchers with broken necks and legs dont catch alot either.Lurchers should be bred for brain aswell as gameness.
  3. Depends I suppose what your into if thats the type you like thats your preferance,I gave up keeping lurchers long ago but I never like those brain dead types that broke them selves up of wire and f****d about trying to dig them selves in,a lurcher marking is one thing but digging a lurcher out.I was out there the end of the season digging a fox with a fella he brought two lurchers the pair were trying to dig up the enterance where the fox had gone to ground anyway long story short terrier couldnt get up to the fox and after maybe an hour or so he bolted and the two lurchers were still digging
  4. Yea but a lurcher used for foxes wouldnt be much good if it was going to ground on you,that sort have no business at a dig.Any half decent fox lurcher Ive ever seen would be waiting for a bolt not going to ground.
  5. I fault them for it because you cant turn them loose on a big spot and let them drop in where they want,they do their job but not all round working terriers,I had no problem with the wheatens I had they wouldnt look at cattle ,never had them near sheep and no dog should ever be out from the owners collie,working a wheaton in briars is no different than any other dog their ears and head will bare the brunt,as for a full pit never even tried and I wouldnt they will stick in a cow or horse or what ever,theres a big difference in a wheatens temperment and a staff or pit,there was some one on here
  6. Bull blood steadys up a dog bull/russells were always handy dogs,Id a APBT/laky bitch years ago turn cover up side down but too hard for her own good to ground,I wouldnt add bull blood to a busher on purpose though.
  7. Ive got black terriers working away, couldnt dream of letting them off the lead absolute head bangers,but does that make them good terriers?,I am well aware of the difference in a busher and an earth dog an out and out busher doesnt go to ground but a good digging terrier will and should hunt cover,I bushed wheatons,biggest problem I seen with them is they would mess around at a rabbit holes and hold the show up ,theres being a few men I new of that worked strong dogs off the lead with out any real issue,oh and those lurchers that are going to ground that usually comes about from clowns bringi
  8. Well no a good terrier will work cover just aswell as they will work to ground,I had a couple of sensible terriers over the years one russell that stands out could be used for ferreting to rats or rabbits and he was good he'd hunt any ditch bolt foxes for fun from bales or earths,you could work him all night long on rats,he had a hatred for cats he bark on the line of a cat or fox a real useful terrier next doors akita ripped him to pieces in the end, Ive had pits and wheatons done some bushing will wheatons but I wouldnt rate them and you cant trust them at all.
  9. I dont think its the fact that it got too dangerous to keep them I think it was the fact that they are one trick pony and a handful to manage,its dangerous keeping marked up terriers but yet they are favoured and have become harder in recent times,theres more people about me with either wheatons or pits than there are lurchers.
  10. I'd a few wheatons up an down no one batted an eye lid, to the average joe bloggs their just another hairy mutt.
  11. Most people dont no what a wheaton is ,lurchers draw trouble.
  12. Wheaten men have being crossing in bull blood for decades and as for making money from them you would be lucky to find good homes for them,you'd get pits for taking away around here.
  13. Looked like big terriers around what year was that taken.
  14. I got two wheaten bitches back in lock down that had seen nothing dont no how old they were they were flying bushing after a few days most biddable dogs Ive ever had they would stay at your heel like collies,no problem with other dogs so long as they were left alone but doggy with strangers,lost them both to a virus before I got to test them I got them in the summer.
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