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  1. salop sniper

    FAC Inbound, time to shop

    Each to their own but I had a pair of CZ452`s and was very happy with them although my HMR took over for me as the main work horse so I swapped my .22lr for a FAC .22 Air rifle. My advice would be to go HMR then see if you still need / want the .22lr. Just my opinion though.
  2. salop sniper

    A&m cylinder

    The first thing I did when I got my HW100 (KT) .177 was I bought a A&M cylinder and silencer. I dont know what the shot count was originally but running JSB Heavies at 11.2ftlb it gives me 6 mags before the velocity (fps) starts to drop so 80-85 shots. And none of my set-up has ever let me down. Happy to recommend the A&M products.
  3. salop sniper

    Mitch You Can Keep The Hw110

    I have a SMW Engineering mag for my .177 HW100 and am very happy with it, its the newer version I have and am happy to recommend it. Works fine and is easier to find in the dark if you drop it also cheap enough to replace if needed ! ATB Matt
  4. salop sniper

    Advice 0N Which Gun Lamp

    T38 is what I use on my HW100KT and its great. I spot with a T50 and I no longer use my Night master !
  5. As above really, I have seen a few but they are places like Kent and Scotland which is not much use for what I want. I want to find someone who I can drive too in and hour or hour and a half tops so they can size / measure up, I am in Shropshire. Its for my HW100KT and I find the palm grip too small in an ideal world and also the length of pull on the trigger, I would like an extra 10-15mm reach for the trigger from my hand. I also dont want to have a big belly on the front of it making a hampster, a stock very similar in shape to the standard stock but laminate is what am looking at. Cheers for any help
  6. salop sniper

    Is The Hw 100 The " Perfect Gun" ?

    Mitch, my shooting buddy just had his HW101 worked on by Phil @ The Ratworks. Main things though are his cylinder mod and a tench reg in it. He also has a HW100kt for hunting that has an A&M cylinder on it so we will see how they both fair. My HW100kt has A&M Cylinder and Silencer on that am very happy with. The final touch will be a stock that suits my hand size. ATB Matt
  7. salop sniper

    Is The Hw 100 The " Perfect Gun" ?

    Gotta say I love my HW100KT (.177) too, the only thing I would change would be my stock, I want a bigger palm swell/hand grip and set a little further back from the trigger ! other than that no issues at all, love it. Bangs out JSB Heavies accurately and very well all day long and does everything I ask of it ! So 2018 may see me get a custom stock for it, just gotta decide who to use next and get a price. Am in no rush so I can take my time and get it right. ATB Matt
  8. salop sniper

    Led Torches

    T38 for all my airgun stuff ! More than enough for the job.
  9. salop sniper

    They Are Ordered ! 5000 Express .177

    Nice link there VM, good test and great display of results ! Cheers for that ATB Matt
  10. salop sniper

    They Are Ordered ! 5000 Express .177

    So your happy with retained energy down range ? It's good to hear people's real world experience of the light weight pellet rather than calculated predictions. Cheers
  11. salop sniper

    They Are Ordered ! 5000 Express .177

    I normally order from Germany for JSB as My HW100 likes JSB Heavys, but Germany are out of stock currently so just bought a sleave to share with a mate from Voimir and as everyone says great service, packaging and price. But JSB Express....... How are folk finding them at range on quary IE past 40yards ? They are accurate in my HW100 but I have yet to find a pellet that beats the JSB Heavy for down range effect on quarry which is something I really value. ATB Matt
  12. salop sniper

    Much Wenlock

    Welcome to the area ! I am just up the road from you and within 10mile of you we have a good group of air gunners. Main choices will be: Furnace Mill Milride Penkridge Kinver Main one being furnace mill. We struggle for good Airgun shops but in Wellington there is Janes fishing tackle. Other than that I buy online or pop over to SFS or DAI sporting supplies. ATB Matt
  13. salop sniper

    Which Springer To Buy?

    For me it would be the HW 97 having shot the other rifles! It is just so much better operating for me ! The LGU is accurate but it's just trying to be a HW and HW do it so much better. The TX again is very nice and maybe better out of the box but I can't stand the silly anti-bear catch thing. HW97 all the way and treat it to some refinement with a tune or upgrade kit, my money would be spent on a stage 2 at SFS after trying server so others and already owning my IMP ! ATB Matt
  14. salop sniper

    Sfs Imp Vs Banshee

    Villaman - I hear what your saying but the mounts for the scope would of needed to of been extra high I recon for comfort and it seemed heavy ! But will have a good mooch around tomorrow ! Cheers Matt
  15. salop sniper

    Sfs Imp Vs Banshee

    And it still leaves the question of which HW! I didn't like the 97, and am sure a break barrel is easier to load especially at night over an under leaver ! Lol