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  1. Having gone through this thread even though I don't do any shooting I'd love a Springer or a dropper as There's plenty of forest and water around where I live in the country. They would get some game out and about.
  2. Mouth's watering already looking at that.
  3. A saddleback farmer near me makes his own salami and chorizo, does that count as British food?They taste cracking.
  4. The art of fighting without fighting.
  5. Must sort my Barbie out, thinking of getting a smoker. Any suggestions GL?
  6. As usual GL mouth watering looking top nosh there.
  7. Maybe that's his plan to lure us all into a false sense of security?
  8. That John McDonnell is another dangerous fcuker except he's not as tactful as cuntbyn.
  9. Len, how many times have you been told to stop sitting on that fence, you'll only get splinters in your arse lol.
  10. Philpott was up in court today and has been charged with fraud going back 9 yeařs, personally I think he's fcuked. Rub it up him lol
  11. I hate the kunts and would never tire of beating them with no mercy present
  12. You were on a roll until that one BB. Lol Try this one for size, Brewie - see if I can redeem myself ? A chap goes into a pet shop and says "My wife is looking for a really unusual pet." The shopkeeper says "What about this ? It's a Mexican Cocksucker frog !" The fella is a little surprised, but the shopkeeper says "Whip out your old chap, and you'll see for yourself !" So, the man duly complies, the frog opens its huge mouth, and proceeds to give him the best blow job he's ever had - "I'll take it !" he says, and hurries home. Back at home, his wife sees the frog and says "What have y
  13. You were on a roll until that one BB. Lol
  14. He was released on bail so hopefully have something on him.
  15. Around 1999/2000 I was in Australia for a while and a family I stayed with for a few weeks were an old royal navy family from the UK. The father died in the 80's and was an author who had a shit load of historical books some of them military. I did a bit of work around their land and as a present they have me a first edition of The Phantom Major by Virginia Cowles about Sir David Stirling signed by the man himself. It turned out the father's family were friends with the Stirling's and the Major gave that to the father when was alive. It sits proud on my bookshelf as my favourite book. I enj
  16. Yep, he was lifted earlier on due to the USPCA making allegations of irregularities in their accounts. What a fcuker I do hope he'll be okay lol.
  17. Cathedral quarter for good pubs John Hewitt, Dirty Onion, the Spaniard and duke of York Road name but a few. Stay at the premier on waring Street, good enough hotel. Plenty of eateries around. Fantastic Indian nearby but can't remember for the life of me what it's called. As Child said plenty of thievin hoors around the streets.
  18. I don't see what the issue is? If Sikhs, Hindus and Jews can integrate why can't muslims? If they don't I don't see the issue with countries bringing in their own rules to combat things happening in their society that are at odds with the building blocks of their way of life. If you don't agree with what's happening then move over to France and demonstrate with the freedom loving muslim population as I'm sure they'll accept you as an equal and appreciate your assistance.
  19. Brewman


    I did my back in trapping one of the nerves and the doc gave amyltriptylene and that keeps it down and non addictive. If it's muscle pain I've been some suped up version of Co codamol. Spanish ibrufen works wonders as well.
  20. Did one of the other girls out of the 3 cop it as well some time back?If so 2 down and 1 to go.
  21. Congratulations and well done it's good to see the little Un doing well. All the best mucker.
  22. No probably about it, I'd say he'd have given them a proper hiding. Please like Mr Ward fought so that shower of shit could have their freedom.
  23. RIP. If these are the culprits hopefully they'll rot in hell. Probably thought they were hard beating up an ex soldier never mind he was an elderly man. Pure shite is all they are.
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