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  1. Sounds ideal, where abouts are you?
  2. Looking for a stud in the near future for a collie bull whippet bitch. Ideally looking for a collie whippet greyhound type or similar, does abit of everything type.
  3. Not sure where your located but have just seen this, looks to be an AK.
  4. Mostly corvids and gulls for clearance work.
  5. Looking good, Just reclaimed these 2 for the season.
  6. Powerful looking falcon. What are you planning on taking with it?
  7. Very nice, Ive nothing new this year but looking forward to the season non the less
  8. Yes that's it. Good speed ,enough stamina ,mine ferrets, lamps and a bit of ratting aswell as flushing bits for hawks
  9. Brilliant little dogs I'd definitely have another in the future.
  10. I'm hoping to release them along with a few french partridge and pheasant.
  11. Just had 2 hatch out hopefully a few more to follow.I've got another 24 to set after so should get a few out.
  12. I've got a dozen currently in the incubator due in the next few days. Lovely little birds which you don't see that much of anymore.
  13. I've got a dozen partridge eggs on the go and a golden pheasant sat on a couple of eggs.I'm hopefully setting some amherst eggs if my trio keep laying.it's not been a great year with them as one of the hens has moulted through male plumage and hasn't been laying.
  14. Looks to be shaping up well. ATB HC
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