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  1. I wouldn't recommend it. The hob could kill the kits or the jill might accidentally kill them while trying to protect them from the hob.
  2. Yes, I did...sorry for the poor wording. Ferrets and Eu polecats can interbreed successfully, as can Eu polecats and Steppe polecats. Eu polecats can also interbreed successfully with European mink but not with American mink.
  3. It's my understanding that ferrets and European polecats are unable to produce viable offspring due to the difference in chromosomes. Steppe polecats are very similar to black footed ferrets and I think they were used in the effort to bring back black footed ferrets from the edge of extinction.
  4. Didn't he work them primarily on muskrats?
  5. There may be some but I can't think of any other species which don't go out of heat on their own.
  6. I'm fairly sure the other species you listed go out of heat on their own if not bred'
  7. No. I'd never heard or read that European rabbits had been introduced in the US. All I've ever seen are the cottontails. Googled it and it seems they aren't too popular in some areas: "Within the U.S. a vigorous attempt to control European rabbit populations in San Juan park of Washington is in the works. The beautiful landscape has been stripped bare to the point of a moon-scape according to park officials."
  8. Ferrets are illegal in California and Hawaii.
  9. You're correct...the American cotton tail rabbit doesn't live in burrows. The female digs a shallow hole and covers it with grass for her litter. Ferreting is illegal in many, if not all, states. I don't know of any US breeder who actually uses them for ferreting.
  10. A jill usually needs to be taken out of heat on her first season of the year. She will go out on her own with subsequent heats that year...or at least mine always have.
  11. My ferret and hybrid kits have always played in the water bowl. The bowls in the cage are fastened to the cage with bungee cords, but some push the one in the house all over the floor.
  12. It's probably a hydrocele and needs to be checked out by a vet.
  13. Wish I could but it's illegal here. I own and breed hybrids with very strong hunting instincts and good to excellent temperaments, so I've always wished I had the opportunity. Rabbits don't live in warrens in the US so I'm not sure that ferreting with them would be possible even if it were legal.
  14. I pay about $6 (don't know what that would be in pounds) for a 40 lb bag of wood stove pellets (the hard wood type) and about the same for the 40 lb bag of pine pellets which are marketed for horse stall bedding. Living in Texas, I can only get the wood stove pellets in late fall and early winter so I stock up when they're available.
  15. I have used this type of pellet in the ferret litter pans for more than 20 years now. I prefer the hardwood pellets over the pine pellets as they don't break down as fast. They definitely keep down the urine odor and keep the cage cleaner than anything else I've used.
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