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  1. Kibble fed ferrets do eat several times a day as they can only utilize 50% at most of the kibble. Ferrets fed a raw/whole prey can be fed once or twice a day as they utilize at least 90% of their food. Plus. kibble has the moisture content of cardboard (10%) so tend to be moderately dehydrated since they can't drink enough water to make up for the lack of water in kibble.
  2. The only one you've exposed as a "sad old twat" is your self.
  3. Wait at least a couple weeks as she will probably go out of heat on her own.
  4. It's best to wait at least 6 weeks before allowing a vasectomized hob to breed as there can be residual sperm.
  5. I've read several times over the years that cedar is toxic for ferrets as it causes respiratory problems and liver damage.
  6. I've kept mine in the house since I got my first ferrets in 1998. I fed kibble at that time and they definitely had a noticeable odor. Once I switched them to a raw/whole prey diet in 2005 (when I imported my first hybrids), there was much less odor...a bit in the ferret room but nothing in the rest of the house, even though they had several hours free roam daily. In 2011, I was able to construct an outdoor pen with free access from the house and that reduced the odor in the ferret room even more. Being able to play in the grass seemed to remove most of the odor even from a hob in rut. Th
  7. Check out your local Craigslist. There are usually ferrets that people want to give up.
  8. Several years ago when I got my escaped jill back after 6 days loose, I paid over $300 for the 8 Brazilian chickens she had killed. At least he didn't ask me to pay for the day old chicks she killed.
  9. Regular exposure to artificial light can definitely cause a jill to come in heat before the regular breeding season...or after, for that matter.
  10. I had the same situation when I fed kibble. Once I switched them over to a raw/whole prey diet (in 2005), 90% of the odor disappeared. In addition, playing in an outdoor pen where they could roll on the grass seemed to dissipate almost all the odor of a hob in rut.
  11. I've rented various houses during the 24 years I've owned and bred ferrets/hybrids and never had any problems with the landlord(s). My first question was, "Will you allow ferrets?" If not, I kept looking.
  12. Check out the Holistic Ferret forum. They will give you constructive advice on how to cope with her. She does sound like a very typical ferret. Mine are all kept in the house , plus have an outdoor pen, and I don't have any problems with them. There is minimum odor if they're fed a natural (raw/whole prey) diet.
  13. Kibble fed ferrets are moderately dehydrated as they can't drink enough water to compensate for the lack of moisture in the kibble. It has the same moisture content as cardboard.
  14. Distemper and rabies shots should be given separately, at least two weeks apart. I'd be looking for a more knowledgeable vet.
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