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  1. ferret lady

    A business of ferrets .........

    It always amuses me to watch them when the jill decides it's time the kits went back to bed.
  2. ferret lady

    Is it safe to come out yet?

    Hopefully he's gone for good. I asked that he be banned, at least from the ferret forums and he hasn't posted since.
  3. ferret lady


    I'm hoping he's gone. I asked that he be banned, at least from the ferret forums.
  4. ferret lady


    Or been rescued by people who felt sorry for them.
  5. ferret lady


    Lovely kits...excellent weight and condition. Can you see dark eye spots on the white kit as the rest have? If not, she's an albino.
  6. ferret lady

    More kits on the way

    And there's the one by Mark Twain: "It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
  7. ferret lady


    I'm not sure. I know ferrets were used for ratting extensively until rat poison was developed and most of the commercial ferret farms either shut down or switched to the pet market.
  8. ferret lady


    No cowgirl. I really wish I could work mine as I breed and select for strong hunting instincts, along with a people oriented personality, but it's illegal in almost all states. Plus, rabbits don't live in warrens in the US. So I enjoy ferreting vicariously re this forum.
  9. ferret lady


    I breed the dark sables with full pigmentation to avoid the genetic health issues so prevalent in the US fancy colors. I've been importing my breeding stock since 2004...most from the UK and a few from Europe.
  10. ferret lady


    I've never done that as it would be too difficult to know which kits were from which litter...I breed only dark sables (poley color and markings) from a sable only background. I do know of a UK breeder who used to do it routinely but then one litter was poleys and the other sandys.
  11. ferret lady


    I've had several litters of 12-14 kits...I counted at least 16 of these.
  12. ferret lady


    Is that all one litter??
  13. ferret lady


    Socks, those are very good looking kits and in excellent condition!
  14. ferret lady


    I didn't intend to respond to any more of your nonsense but, since you asked so nicely, I'll post one more time...even though I know it's a lost cause that anything I say will result in better care for your ferrets. l'll tell you why no one told you that your kits look well. Because they don't. First of all, they lack condition, undoubtedly due to their inadequate nutrition and subsequent dehydration. Look at the sunken eyes of the kit in the first photo...a classic sign of dehydration. Polecats evolved to get most of their moisture from their prey so ferrets don't have the thirst instinct needed to keep hydrated when fed a dry food. Kibble fed ferrets are chronically moderately to severely dehydrated and it's usually worse in young kits like these. Hopefully the new owners (if there are any) will know enough to recognize that they are in desperate need of good food and proper care.
  15. ferret lady


    Thanks...and yes, I'm a she. The only way to deal with this type of person is to ignore them. Responding to them only encourages them to continue their nonsense. Unfortunately, there's rarely any way to help the poor animals who have the misfortune to be owned by such people.