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  1. I remember my auld lad breaking the snout to fit pig's head in the pot I can tell you one thing the cheek was delicious.
  2. Cows may need it done or sucklers , cattle for beef nope they'll be fine it's just the older stock. That been said maybe ground they've been on during the grazing months may have a factor on it.
  3. All depends your area you work and style some places Bayer's wouldn't be up for the job and therefore the harder type would be needed but would need more recovery time so a hard question to pinpoint and vise versa an exact number or even a near number it's too diverse. Just say a guy has 10 terriers working terriers well fair play to him but how good are they and if only another guy has two Bayer's how good are they also? it's different for every terrierman . I know what your trying to get at basically the big dick Jim says my dog got 40 digs this season well my advise is to let him wobble his
  4. All I can say is there smashing terriers a breath of fresh air to alot of terrier men on here ok the other half have an argument but look one man say black the other says white. Nice terrier ches keep em coming.
  5. So is forgetting to tax your car its minor stuff AT.
  6. Can't see ratting from an early age making an earthdog any a better working dog but can't see it doing any harm ,but with all the terriers I've seen ratting has not played any part in there working abilities, it's a different sport altogether. Not knocking the sport but it's a far cry from digging soil, two different terrier types are needed for instance almost any dog will catch a rat give or take, but to go below only a certain type can. I wouldn't promote young terriers on rats if it's solo purpose was to be a digging dog but if I cought a rat I'm a cage and I had a 4 or 5 month old pup
  7. Nice terrier jcb, That the cunnigar behind ya
  8. Proper digging ches.... Fair play beats the light ditch a five minute job
  9. Horses for course's all depends to hard to pin point an exact size as different work requires different types and size.
  10. Nothing like a snug turf fire I also burn wood and coal but something about a turf ? oh yes and of course a few glasses a irish whiskey ? no more would a man desire . That's when I'm in my element anyway?
  11. I remember my gdad given my auld fella a 3/4 hound 1/4 blue as a pup but as it got older it was just too aloof and too much for the auld man around us as kids no kennels them times just a tied up job so passed on to his buddy's, but I do remember seen the dog in later years smashing fox from cover during a few bushing weekends and the dog must a been shoven double figures.
  12. It's a good job they are few and far between honest genuine terriers been sold I would imagine they would be gifted to a digging friend as best interest for the terrier. In the unlikely event such a terrier came up I'm sure money wouldn't be an issue so a price tag could be anything the sky's the limit the highest bidder wins. That been said I did sell a working bitch years ago when I dug on my own to unknown men to me at the time and ended up a good turn around for all. Still to this day.
  13. If your particularly after terrier drive maybe wheaten X or as just said second x or wheaten hound bull hound , Something along that road.
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