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  1. Happy out with this girl. Lovely temperament.
  2. I wouldn't be to worried about the weather with a big pair a boobies in front a me life is for living , we are here for a good time not a long time.
  3. f**k that you'd get a good weekend in the red light for that been there done that and money well spent
  4. Cocker X lab did everything I asked of him even marked .I'm as terrier man but this dog was the best dog I ever owned.
  5. Go mackeral fishing in the summer lads bring a friend or 2 on a few occasions and you'll have plenty of good grub . I mix it with gain nut and dogs hopping out a there skin I have fed dogs on red meet alone but you'll need the power washer on every day to much iron the vet said apparently.
  6. Spot on no justice in this country for the average Joe . Threw my own experience I can only say screw the law because it's never on your side.
  7. The man or men given them the hiding would be in jail before the robber himself. The Irish are far from been soft I think and I would hope he will get what's coming to him with the help a god.
  8. Take heed what's been posted...the dirty xxxxxxx. How did they know these terriers where there someone told em. That's what I'd be worried about
  9. Someone can Pm me the names.and I'll put it up won't bother me.f**k the law ya can be 16 and buy a shotgun but ya have to be 18 to buy a cigarette . I know my mental health ain't the best but the law is well and truly f****d altogether.
  10. What cross is he scentchaser I've a beagle X cocker very similar to him/her
  11. A good working terrier "underground" has to take the toughest dog on earth for me. Everyone to their own.
  12. I'm actually in shock honest ta God I don't know how to respond to that only leave me alone please don't ever say that again I've more Hungarian in me than English . I've more goat in me than English. Stop Now
  13. Proper celt im a bit mixed up myself I'm half sexy half gorgeous and half Irish
  14. I will add tho it's my choice to be angry over what happened and I'll educate my kids about it as they will also be tought in school just somethings should never be forgotten. On the bright side if there is one, the majority have a healthy hatred like the rugby and all that. I hate Watford right now because they've beat my team Liverpool (English) team yep I support and English team as do millions of Irish as I said a more healthy relationship now .
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