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  1. howdeeposxxt

    Before locators

    You'd want some long t-bar for a 10 foot dig pre-locater and a savage set of ears.
  2. howdeeposxxt


    Horses for courses and all that!
  3. howdeeposxxt

    Patterdale gone missing in cork

    She got to hot to handle I'd say. Delighted you got her back.
  4. howdeeposxxt

    standard of perfection

    On the contrary I've seen men digging mediocre dogs been talked up and when put to a harder job look terrible its the other blokes fault not the guy with the mediocre terrier. So it's 2 to 1 and half dozen the other and each to their own
  5. howdeeposxxt

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Although it's blacks I dig now this boy has a place in my heart. We covered some ground together.
  6. howdeeposxxt

    Hunting / Wild Life Tattoos

    Nice tattoo had a similar pic on my wall said it would have made a nice tattoo.
  7. howdeeposxxt

    standard of perfection

    Ya can keep thinking you'll be thinking for a very long time. I can assure you I wouldn't put my name up here I'm not a wannabe.
  8. howdeeposxxt

    standard of perfection

    It's all if and buts dogmandont. My idea of a ruff dog is a dog gettingthe job done but it's face ends up like scrambled egg each time that to me is stupid.
  9. howdeeposxxt

    standard of perfection

    Not a true statement. Rough dogs are different type I'd class ruff dogs as the stupid type.
  10. howdeeposxxt

    standard of perfection

    Spot on FM. It's the stigma that comes with a dog getting stuck in. That all these dogs are laid up for weeks on end ok some circumstances are unavoidable and I have seen stupid fool hardy dogs career last not long at al, but I know plenty digging men who hold dogs that are stuck in so to speak and nothing else will keep it's quarry pinned, definitely yapping won't. These dogs can be brought on for another dig that day or tomorrow or the weekend after. So the arguement a yapper is more use as it can be dug more often is dead in the water in our parts as they would be the ruination on good earth's.
  11. howdeeposxxt

    standard of perfection

    B.S sorry you bay we move to much clay you get stuck in we win
  12. howdeeposxxt

    standard of perfection

    Jasus me missus would love that
  13. howdeeposxxt

    Patterdale gone missing in cork

    I hope the greasy snakes are caught and you get your terrier back. I'm sure we will all keep are eyes and ears open. If anyone has even the smallest of an idea should let this man know.
  14. howdeeposxxt

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    She's a real beauty that one downsouth.
  15. howdeeposxxt

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    (Could) the same be said for some lads with dogs, after a hand full a digs and they'll call him the best dog they ever dug over. Give me 500 and ya can have some of his semen. This happen far to often .