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  1. howdeeposxxt

    Foxing hunting in Ireland

    Probably fed up of the easy game over there came over here for proper sport
  2. howdeeposxxt

    Terrier clubs

    True ain't we are our own worst enemies at times. I no not one on here people have had tried making stabs at me to draw me out but for what their is no point. I'll never dig with em or want to I heard to many lads talk good and bad about the same person why bother with all that shite just worry bout yourself and your own dogs nothing else matter.
  3. howdeeposxxt

    Terrier clubs

    Not been funny jiggy and I don't know hatch but I know know one on here the terrier game is bigger than this site not all digging men know this site only a small fraction do but I could be wrong but I think I'm not
  4. howdeeposxxt

    Terrier clubs

    Can't argue with you on that. In that case I owe whom ever they are who saved terrier work here a big thanks . I do like how things role around my area keep yourself to yourself and things seem sound no stress related what so ever. Digging is an absolute pleasure and a ban seems a lifetime away but as I said I dont like getting caught up with to much what other people do or think, I just like my weekend mornings to myself and some times digging buddies .I still wouldn't join a club but if it's someone else's fancy then it's no harm. If it came down to saving terrier work I would join but it just don't seem that way or come across that way. I think they are a great percentage of terrier men feel the same especially the older ones who wouldn't dream of using the net. Maybe if the itwf reached out to those whom aren't so internet friendly they may have more members but that is difficult I'm sure if some of these terrermen don't go to shows and their digging circle is but a few.
  5. howdeeposxxt

    Terrier clubs

    From the south of Ireland I personally don't feel threatened enough yet to change things how they are here. Alot of different digging groups in this area old and young and I'm positive they feel the same. It maybe something in the future but I think not yet . Why fix what's not broken . I'd be very sceptical of a club it's great if you have the right people running it but the grass ain't always greener. Jmo I'm happy how things are here at the moment we never had any trouble I suppose we are doing something right buy keeping are business quite
  6. High drive ? my dog will never pass their theory test never mind the full.. Anyway they don't give out driving licences to mutts over here ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. howdeeposxxt


    He was a great horse
  8. howdeeposxxt


    Charm or Celt
  9. howdeeposxxt


    Jesus no fox will hide from her anyway. Neck like a Drake and back like a snake
  10. howdeeposxxt

    Stock breaking patterdales

    Have them around the stock you are more likely to encounter and be firm when they are acting the cxxt. I keep a small few sheep and have them around them everyday and their are plenty a cattle just over the ditch. They just need to get bored of them so plenty of interaction should work but won't always. Some are just brain dead and want to sink their teeth into anything that moves but generally speaking introduce early and be firm and it should come over time. It's well worth it in the end and a peace of mind also.
  11. howdeeposxxt

    Whats your thoughts on mk3 locator?

    When I'm on me own digging I choose the Deben because I prefer it but when with the buddies we use the b n f . As for earache you shouldn't worry to much about that if you where using a shovel it more backache I'd be worried about but hay each to their own I suppose if you standing looking down it could be irritating.
  12. howdeeposxxt

    Whats your thoughts on mk3 locator?

    MK1 and MK3 I presume they are all the one ??
  13. howdeeposxxt

    Whats your thoughts on mk3 locator?

    Haven't a clue gnipper good point tho.
  14. howdeeposxxt

    Whats your thoughts on mk3 locator?

    Ya got me there. As for the topic the Deben is much more accurate but not anywhere near rubust as for digging a big enough hole to suit your dig on the way down should be done regardless of what box you have in your hand in fairness.