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  1. Nice evening out for a bit a rock fishing. No bass today plenty a Pollack and Mackerel
  2. Now now east coast the same can be said for across the water, they have their own myths the like of Jolly old king George and the dragons and what not.
  3. Would love to know more about to old style ones. The ones that hunted pitty it's too far back. I'd say they where a fine animal in their own right. Them yolks nowadays are just giants
  4. I hope so as far as im concerned ive only ever tried help people out with terriers, some work some dont but im actually just down to four now and one is 6 and one is 9 loads a graft behind them I hate asking them for more, but i only have 6 kennels so i tend to keep what i think is best instead of keeping numbers, sometimes i think if i just held a few back id be in a way better position. Im sure the lads ive help out would help me in a sec if i asked but it aint come to that yet.
  5. Wow WTF just happened there, im sure alot of that was directed at me I think, Im 100% sure ive never dug with pabs or have we passed dogs between eachother but he seems to know alot about me but luck we have all had a few to many before shit can be said , Pabs ive pm you just to get things straight. a few wires might be crossed or i will be down old parish and dungarvan area if you would rather meet face to face, I can call too ya you aint far from there id love to know whats the fxxk is going on I shouldnt have a bad name down that area. Ive given a few workers down there.
  6. A terrier man is a terrier man regardless of his occupation id love are priest to be a terrier man that would be some boost to the terriermen around here.
  7. I like seen dogs that have done a bit a graft obviously not a scrambled egg face ,but alot a nice dogs have been posted on this site 90% a the time you know their truly worked. Not like the yolks at the shows its a pitty the terrier man has to tippy toe around such things but unfortunately we do. I don't think most get offended when dogs that have done a bit are put up on here it's just the antis are licking their lips that bugs em. Terrier men are caught between a rock and a hard place
  8. Been a Freeman means nothing nowadays. With them on your back.
  9. Your joking ain't you I'm a bit simple so I cant anticipate sarcasm.
  10. Can't remember what the vet gave me I'm sure some cream sorted it out, but he did say it could have progressed if I didn't get him sorted. I also heard apple cider vinegar can kill mites depending which type I would imagine that's a trial and error case. Hope your hound comes good with what you've got because vet bills if they can be avoided you are much better off. They can turn a simple job into a big one.
  11. Might be some type a mite. Is it red inside the ear Is he scrathing it much. Just had a terrier here about 3 years ago with something similar on his ear twas sometype a mite.
  12. I was in your position not long ago so I decided in the end and I managed to get 3/4 Springer 1/4 beagle form the old barking springer and she's doing some serious hunting already and she's only 16mths got her in North Tipp. Now I do hunt her on bunny's and red and she'll bark on sight on both of em but will also bark on fresh red sent. She marked for me roughly about 9months and from then on I've got a nice few foxes with just her alone either flushing to lurcher or them going to ground . She is always close enough to see what's going on apart from when the red fella wants a cross-country chase. Then she will go a few fields and gives up if Charlie hasn't gone to ground. I've also same age Cocker X beagle but he is only now showing starting to be of some use, He has spoking on fox and sounds alot more vocal than the Springer type which sounds more yappy but he is no way near her yet bushing wise but maybe only he is tuning in to things as of now he is still young.
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