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  1. The dog has been left if you read above.. He came with me to work but was left He is left at home alone He is on a raw meat diet and loves proper bones a carcases necks ext ext
  2. Has never been treated as a baby and u feel that's one of the reasons I've gone wrong. As I said I feel ive given him anxiety by not baby-ING him. He can come off the lead and used to on our long long walks.. Woodlands fields marshes.. He's a Hardy dog no fancy coats no cotton wall cuddles.. The other dog gets crated too normally she was in with him or in her own little cage opposite ext..
  3. Father whippet mum a mix of collie and other sighthound dogs
  4. Father whippet full and mum was a mix and had collie in her
  5. He has all sorts in but I do believe his mum had collie in her. His dad is full whippet and his mum a mix of all sorts of working and sighthound
  6. He is when he's being calm but as soon as he's on one it's tears and tantrums
  7. Hi guys So I've got a lurcher, loki (lives up to his name) lovely boy gentle nature. Softie and is so gentle with other animals great with rats kittens the lot I just cannot fault him. Loki is 3 years old this April 6th. So when I got loki he was a pup, 8 weeks. He was socialised with young and adult dogs from a young age and gradually left for short to longer periods of times with toys and other entertainment ext. All done properly. Also when left as a young pup he was at work with me in a crated area in plain site of other dogs too so he wasn't on his own as such. He w
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