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  1. Wxm


    Thanks, to be honest I wanted something to get out more with the kids, I haven’t had a dog I’d be willling to walk in a while so have got rather lazy and put on a bit of timber .. the missus has a rescue Pomerania and it’s the most useless wee fecker I’ve ever known .. when we’ve taken it out the little shite won’t walk and climbs under the pram for a ride ... so now our kids are older I thought we’d get something that doesn’t have to fill the freezer but will actually walk and could have a bit of fun with .. in the long run I wouldn’t mind getting a small type lurcher or whippet but haven’t really thought much about it with not wanting to rush into anything. So it’s more of a mooching and bushing just to keep us all busy and hopefully fitter
  2. Wxm


    Morning, those with kc reg teckels are they down as miniature or just dachshund? Or something different? On the papers ?
  3. Bet she could suck that ball through a straw
  4. Wxm


    Thanks pal, to be truthful I’m not entirely sure, I’m thinking he’s going to be broken coated ... his dam and sire was more broken coated rather then Wirehaired .. one of his litter mates was really wirehaired cracking looking little bitch and hopefully in the near future that’s the type I’d be more inclined to go for .. Snow pic is the sire grass pic I’d the dam
  5. Wxm

    How much is my gun worth?

    my suggestion would be take the scope off put another scope on something like the hawke 3-9x40 / 50 then advertise it for 350 - 400 .. you can always bring the price down but once its sold you cant higher it then get the scope up on ebay buy it now for £200 or make an offer as they seem to be making 140 - 200 so take the best offer just my take on things
  6. my oh my .. defiantly sink a hole in one in that
  7. Wxm


    cheers pal, this is a beddy whippet x border/teckle from a previous litter
  8. Wxm


    Some great info on this post I haven’t had a working dog in a while and was toying with the idea of a beddy / whippet / border / teckel and after a debate with the family we ventured out to SW last night and collected a dog pup up and he seems a grand wee chap .. hes from imported working stock on both sides .. he’ll be used mainly for just mooching hopefully but after reading a few posts my best bet will be carrying a spade with me
  9. kept around 12 / 15 and gave the rest away ..
  10. unfortunately its the newer copy but still worth about £20
  11. Best offer gets them as these are in my way ..
  12. will add pics shortly .. collection from Wrexham or maybe able to deliver locally .. need the space asap swap for anything hunting related
  13. Wxm

    Mk2 ferret finder

    How much? and do you you want to sell your other boxes?
  14. Wxm

    Mk2 ferret finder

    Whatcollars work on these ??