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  1. I presume anything over the 90% will go to charity
  2. Xhamster you say might have a gander on there purely for educationally purposes
  3. Fair play there’s some right horny squirty squirty on pornhub
  4. It says that if it doesn’t reach the 300k sales then the winner will get 90% of money raised
  5. It’s got to be worth a shot even if you won it and flogged it .. or evening rented it out
  6. £5k for who ever gets the most hits through the link I shared .. it’s been in a couple of the local rags too .. https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/property/2020/01/10/shropshire-farmhouse-worth-over-500000-for-2-in-raffle/ also there’s a number to the house if you google search that anyone can search and call for confirmation No hard selling just chancing my luck
  7. You’ve got to be init to win it ehh
  8. Shropshire .. https://www.onthemarket.com/details/6988113/
  9. Ayy if I put £20 on it and won 100k I’d be laughing all the way to the bank
  10. Surely this has got to be worth a punt 2 tickets for a cost of a pint or 5 for the price of a packet of fags .. http://share.winacountryhome.com/ref/qD31745878
  11. Wxm

    Tattoos 🤔

    Fertility you say ... fck that we have 7 kids between us so don’t think I’ll be going down those lines
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