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  1. Wxm


    Anyone else watching the price of gold rocketing?? Seems to have grown loads in the last couple of weeks .. how far do you think it will go before the bubble pops and why do you’s think it’s climbing
  2. Wxm

    Quirky THL members

    Wouldn’t be surprised if some mentioned were locked up in a mental institution or have had their internet restricted by a judge
  3. Wxm

    Quirky THL members

    Fcuk her and that gem got some blood pumping in here
  4. Wxm

    Kids taking money

    There’s snide 5’s & 10’s about .. there’s been loads of post around Wrexham telling people to check theirs
  5. Fcuk I bet your inbox is full with offering £1000 at the back end of the season
  6. Wxm

    Terrier couple

  7. Wxm

    Terrier couple

    Pretty sure SS does them
  8. Secondhand all the way !! Ive picked up a logun s16 in the past for £40 and swapped it for a practically brand new hw97kt what area real are you and if I see anything I’ll send it across
  9. Just had my pedigree back from the kennel club and there’s some 5th gen names missing .. anyone got any similar breeding?
  10. Wxm

    Kids taking money

    Ay your a 100% right it’s just a pain in the arse when the missus leaves change in her bag / pocket for the bus to town to get to the bus stop then find out one of the toe rags have rifled her bag / pockets then she has to go to the shop / atm to get money out
  11. Wxm

    Kids taking money

    Did think that but it drys too quick
  12. Wxm

    Kids taking money

    I sort of wish it was notes cause I’d get a snide one and hope they took it and get collared at the shop
  13. Wxm

    Kids taking money

    you make me feel so poor that I’d notice 50p missing and your not sure if your daughter has had you off with £50
  14. Wxm

    Kids taking money

    They are that tight on each other that they’d happily take a few slaps just to watch one of their brothers or sisters get one
  15. Wxm

    Kids taking money

    Right I know a lot has taken the odd bit of change here and there but one of my lot are taking the p*ss ... me and my partner between us have 7 kids and we can rule out the 3 youngest and possibly the middle one it’s the 3 oldest the we are stumped with .. 2 13 year olds and a 15 year old we’ve asked them and none of them give the slightest inclination of who it could be so what we’re looking for is an idea of a trap something to coat the coins in to catch them out Any ideas ??