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  1. DannyMc


    Oul doll knew the craic tho northern
  2. I can remember all this going down a few years back. Didnt you and your missus let the man buy you's and your son gifts? I only remember because I thought at the time "now thats a pair of c**ts with zero self respect. Peterleemooch, more like Peter THE mooch. f****n stinkin grass.
  3. Chid21 hey dickhead Ireland,north,south east and west has been dealing with terrorism for 800 years. Just cause the term wasn't around then doesnt mean it didn't exist.
  4. Great that your getting your kids involved,most of the people that I grew up with that have stuck with the gaa turned into really sound adults,good jobs,stable home life etc. Some counties the hurling is bigger than in others so the opportunities to play it wouldnt be the same all over. Try and get to a big game,great day for the whole family. Wish I could get a day out with my own county,but were shite so I jus have to go and watch the better sides.lol. Not blaming England at all,some of our best sides were made up of men who couldn't make the England side,maybe the lack of 'born away' ta
  5. If you get the chance WILF go to a hurling final,even go outta your way to see it,its a great sporting spectacle. Don't know what's happened the Ireland team,all I can think of is its the same as what's been happening too England,the influx of foreign players keeping the lads out of top flight football.
  6. Hundreds of SAMs!!!! Its the Provo's were talking about here stiffy not the Russian military. Jane report says only 7 were decommissioned so that's still hundreds of SAMs unaccounted for in Ireland. Seriously,what the fcuk are you on. S.A had been highly active for twenty years up to that point,the hard retribution was slow in its manifestation. War is about using strategy. Mortars and roadside bombs had worked for S.A. Why change. The sniper arrest couldn't have been any different to Gibraltar,pandemonium it was, with men getting chased into fields. It wasn't until they were secur
  7. Bye the way I'm not saying killing anyone is right,this guy never lived in this he's only going by what 'big jock' told him,after he gave him a mickey rub down behind the reccy hut. Any opinion or arguement that comes from a loyalist or Unionist is credible in my eyes,1st hand opinions.
  8. Those weapons were not used because by the time that heavy stuff started coming in the leadership were already pushing towards a mainly political path. 1986 Ard Fheis and after. The areas that these weapon were to be used were saturated with army so not easy to use and get away clean with the gear. But it was used. The same group of people who were attacking helicopters in the early 90s where the same ones who blew up the docklands in 96,guess the lads from Hereford must of wet into the wrong farmhouse. As far as Kingsmills goes,there has been a H.E.T inquiry,same as bloody Sunday had
  9. It is Staffs and most likely will be for the forseeable future,the politics of division works a treat over here. And the main political party's reap the rewards. That's true Len,go where you want was always my attitude.
  10. Like I said to downs Walshie,I could go back and forward all night,instances and killings at the top of my street but what's the point. Len its all in past as far as I'm concerned,being a culchie now,but blame is a shared thing wrong was done all around with the puppet masters pulling all the strings.
  11. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. Omagh was not PIRA by the way,seeing as that who I thought we were talking about. Wouldnt envy any man having to view that scene,but Omagh is a case with a lot of unanswered questions.
  12. Did innocent people die at the hands of the PIRA,yes and how could anyone excuse it but let's no kid yourself here socks,in my country history has proved to our generations who the creators and masters of murder where,the B.G and the B.A.
  13. What shite are you talking. OK I will try it your way,just because the price of oil goes up,doesn't give you the right to slaughter women and children. Downsview,if you wanna talk about kids getting killed we could go tit for tat all night. All killing is wrong,especially the murder of innocents.
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