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  1. I bought in a dog that's a similar stamp to stuff he has posted pics of, that's why I asked
  2. Either Isla Humphries or Elaine Barnet Watts.....Welsh Borders Hunt sabs on fb one is a psycho bitch from hell and a self harming weed smoking smackrat and the other's father hunted hounds and loved them more than his daughter which has left her quite bitter and twisted as a result
  3. I think it's a bit late now to becoming on here trying to make friends.......everyone seems to have come to the conclusion you're a prick already
  4. Ffs all this tittle tattling.......does anyone actually give a shit?? everyone's a c**t it's up to them to prove otherwise and I think everyone has made their minds up already
  5. Just make ABC a mod on here and he can cover the graveyard shift........ On a serious note I hope the threat of a bounty supposedly placed on the head of another member on here is taken seriously?
  6. Shhhhhh don't mention the "P" word
  7. Make your own, nothing more satisfying than seeing charlie ball up in one you spent an hour making
  8. Stick a locator collar on it and keep doing what you're doing.....one day it'll bump into charlie then you'll find out if it's up to the job
  9. I thought that too........although the paintwork on the truck could do with a good waxing
  10. Some of the threads on here have lately been like a top rate gig......the band plays some new stuff then out come all the old hits.........
  11. Reading this thread reminds me of good times sat above the rocks watching hounds just patiently sat waiting for a bolt and listening to the terrier moving about below baying away hassling a fox enough into bolting before the waiting pack.....then the cheering on and spine chilling doubling of the horn, then the sight of full pack in full cry launching themselves downhill.......wonderful memories
  12. Anyone else use dermisol cream? Swear but the stuff myself
  13. Dogs are a bit like your cock.....the only person it needs to satisfy is you
  14. Ffs if you know where he lives go round and have a cuddle, you post on here like we give a shit about the lives of disgruntled yanks......once the reputation of UK and Irish dogs crossed the Atlantic some guys saw an opportunity to make big bucks and shipped any old dog over there for a life of chewing on giant rats, scribbled down some random pedigree that made little sense and raked in the easily parted with cash. Some of these guys exporting the dogs would dig deeper and longer the more beer you bought them..... There, that's my take on it now go play nicely and do us all a favour and stfu
  15. Some of us tend to worry about catching our cocks on brambles...... maybe you don't have that problem
  16. Heard a vixen screaming early hour Monday morning
  17. Not buying the wife one for Christmas then ??
  18. It's a shame this site didn't have an audio version.......cos this thread would be just white noise
  19. Sadly not as rare as the idiots prepared to pay
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