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    lion fish

    guy I used to buy my tropical fish from used to sell them, he got nailed by a large lionfish in his finger, sliced it open with a razor blade to get the toxin out and phoned the UK poisons unit, they told him that was about all that could be done, that was the last time he put his hands anywhere near the water of a lionfish tank.
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    which one

    I`ve had 2 almera gti`s, first one when the fuel light came on would do 50 miles easy, second one would do 1 mile max, the mazda truck was a bit more abrupt, fuel light on meant you were walking in about 400 yards , don`t know with the current motor, it`s that cheap to run I struggle to put more than £20 a time in it once a month
  3. thank you, saved me posting the same thing, if any immigrant wants to enter this country there are steps they can take to do so legally if they want to act as invaders then they are criminals and should get booted out, no ifs or buts and certainly not endless appeals funded by UK tax payers
  4. pretty much every one who is taken on a plane in handcuffs is a criminal who is getting kicked out, the raving idiots will then kick off blocking the plane taking off until the criminal is taken off that plane, want some links to look up how many foreign criminals use every dodge going fully funded by legal aid to stay here, I`ll stand by my scum comment!
  5. problem is not with her or any other previous home secretary, it`s the judges, solicitors, the human rights act and the do gooders who block planes taking off to take the scum home
  6. just looked at that amazon link, it does not say that the cable is rated for 8v, it says that it fits an 8v camera, if the plugs are the size you need thats the cable you need
  7. the difference between 5v and 8v is not going to be a problem with what you want, if the jack plugs are the right size then carry on, it is correct that for a given load the more volts involved the lower the amps but at that low level, crack on.
  8. as a DIY bodge the safest is to stick the transformer inside and run the low voltage wire outside that way 2 core cable could be used, think heavy speaker cable, could even run it inside a hosepipe to give it a bit of protection, if you really want to run 240v outside, get someone in to do it for you.
  9. may be more convenient but the flavour of using the dried chickpeas makes it worth the effort
  10. they pretty much treble in size when soaked, what the hell are you going to do with 24 mugfulls of chickpeas, no idea of times in a pressure cooked but I give them75 minutes simmering in a pan
  11. if you`ve got a windowsill that gets some sunlight you can grow herbs, the small supermarket ones in small pots do extremely well if you repot them, I stuck a ALDI basil plant in a 6" pot about 3 months ago, the bloody thing is now about 20" high and 18" across, would try coriander but the windowsill is now full
  12. mines through shell, £19 a month and at the last test it was 32mb, plenty good enough for me
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    whats the betting that a few of the horse riders wil have some rope stashed on them in case the usual landrover reliability strikes
  14. neil82


    your missing out charles being an ex navy officer and william was a S&R pilot based in RAF valley before he signed up as an air ambulance pilot, the only two of the immediate family who should not wear any uniform are edward and ann, he did not make it through basic training and I`ve never heard of ann doing any military service
  15. I would say that there is far less crap dumped into the river systems now compared to say, 20 years ago, the problem with salmon and sewin numbers is not to be found in the rivers, it`s out to sea you need to look, we had a hatchery here for years releasing thousands every year, they closed it in the end as barely any tagged fish ever returned.
  16. I found "just ingredients" expensive, check prices in the link I gave you (tradewinds turmeric, 100g, 55pence)
  17. if your changing it yourself make sure you lock the steering wheel or you might bugger up the clock spring cable to the airbag
  18. we don`t have teachers anymore, they are professional trainers who can only run by what`s in a book, a teacher can spot a child who struggles to understand something and find a different way to explain things, my old physics teacher was always banging on about cross-multiplication, had me stumped, family friend told me about the pyramid system for ohms law, that stuck with me and I still use it now.
  19. 250g wholemeal flour, couple of tablespoons of oil, pinch of salt, (I use a bit of lemon juice) and then enough water for it to form a dough, I roll then to about the thickness of a pound coin, should be cooked with no colour but I prefer them to have some, they do puff up when cooking but soon collapse, if yours are not rising then the dough might be a bit too dry, as for salt, A, we eat too much of it and B, if you ease off it it does not take long for you not to miss it. I`ve got two types, usual powdered table salt for general use and some sea salt crystals to go on top of a loaf when
  20. thing is the EU was going to cut quota`s by a large margin anyway so some of their fishermen were going to lose out, they just have brexit as a target for blame now, we all will have to wait for this covid shit to settle before we can see which way this is going but one thing is certain, if the french and spanish cooks want UK caught fish they will pay for it no matter how much bollox the EU tries
  21. no problem with thawing out frozen meat, cooking it, then re-freezing it, problems start with leaving it stand, if your going to freeze stuff the trick is to cool it down as quick as you can then bang it in the freezer
  22. true, but who is just below your team in the competition
  23. lockdown has been f**king great for me, local college closed = no bloody students dropping all their food wrappers all over the local park, these are the young b*****ds that accuse the oldies of destroying the planet for them, it`s the oldies cleaning up after them! (you may notice my dislike of students)
  24. it`s their own bloody fault, crops damaged, fences cut, gates left open and if anyone questions them they threaten violence, yep, crush the trucks or any cars they use and confiscate the dogs
  25. Specialist Pickup Truck Dismantler - Used and new spare car parts | Parts4Pickups don`t used mazda wings, the cut out for the indicators is different give the chassis a good coating, rusty chassis was the only reason I scrapped mine
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