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  1. The pollack marks down Penzance way throw up cuckoo wrasse on a regular basis. Don’t seem to get them off the deep water marks up here. Don’t get decent pollack up here that often either to be fair.
  2. Big hounds are caught on a few of the beaches up around Bude in the summer. I will probably have to go down west to get a cuckoo off the shore. I love the mullet fishing on the beaches in the winter. Better than harbour fishing.
  3. I like you am trying for a 5lb mullet. I’m on with that one at the minute on a local beach. also a double figure smooth hound and my first shore caught cuckoo wrasse.
  4. 61 in a few days. Feel pretty fit so not too worried about it.
  5. I once saw the back half of a horse sticking up out of the mincer. When the kids used to take their air rifles they used to shoot the bloated dead pigs that were laid about in the yard just to be hear the pop when they burst. The smell was horrendous at times.
  6. I used to work at De Mulders at Stourton nr Leeds Dave. Plenty of good dog food from there.
  7. Yeah it was. At the side of the river Dearne. There were a few about when I was younger. The only one left after the EU brought all the new regulations in was Conisbrough.
  8. I used to take the kids ratting at the maggot farm at Adwick upon Dearne near Goldthorpe. When we got home we weren’t allowed in the house until we stripped off as the stench just seemed to cling to you. I’ve seen all sorts chucked in the mincer there.
  9. Did you ever hear owt about your ferrets?
  10. He’s much the same mate. Goes from 100mph to flat out in a minute Still very much a puppy.
  11. Same to you mate. How are you getting on with your pup ?
  12. How’s things Bob. Have a good in mate.
  13. I’ve managed to avoid it as well so far Kev. Half of the lads on the site I’m on have had it because two of the site managers came in with it. Not bothered tripping up Yorkshire for Christmas just gunna have a nice quiet relaxing Jack Daniels fuelled weekend.
  14. Yeah I’m good Kev thanks. Hope you’re all well. That would be great mate. I’ve had the pup out on the lamp a couple of times now and he’s mad for it. I’m doing a bit of flounder fishing at the minute trying to improve as I’m absolutely crap at it. Have a good day tomorrow and hopefully catch up in the new year ,Boris permitting
  15. Imagine how I feel. Lol. Good on him doing some graft to earn his own money Kev.
  16. I’ve never put any backing on mine. Just put line on. dont overload it either as the line will not come off smoothly. I have always had line coming off the bottom.
  17. I’m saving that for tomorrow Ken.
  18. Feed time for ginner
  19. Just got a new pup mate. Get him up and running shortly.
  20. Just setting off on a lovely 6 hour drive to visit my new granddaughter for a few days. Just hope they’ve got some diesel up there for me to get back.
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