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    Hi there
    Im looking to get back into ferreting so I'm looking to acquire some proper working stock jills and a hob kits to train up.

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  1. Daniel cain thanks for offering those jills mate but I live in Bedfordshire so its to far to travel for me but I do appreciate it
  2. I would still probably use bells today as that's just the way I was brought up,,if it ain't broke dint fix it or change it
  3. Also im going back 20yrs or so when I used to ferret alot with my grandad and uncles,does anyone still ferret at night with white ferrets on clear nights? I rember we did with low light head torches small collars with bells on. Probably because we didn't have much permission then but great fun
  4. Thanks for replying I've got a shed being delivered and erected in February then ill make it into a safe area to use as housing and to keep any equipment ive still got and plan to buy..
  5. Must be a few of yer out there that have 1 to many c'mon
  6. Lads im looking to get back into ferreting been away from it along time so lost my old contacts,,,anyone help me out finding some proper working jills kits and a hob?? Would appreciate it
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