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  1. Best place for em when they’ve done their bit. Pure x no ped whippet. Just turned 9. He be spending rest of his life indoors now
  2. That’s dog I got. How was reggie bred?
  3. I picked a dog and a bitch up from your mate in Ireland. Think Dam reggie x lady. Sire double bred Benji dog. Can’t remember sire name or dam name. Think dog might have been relic?
  4. That be grand sire to my dog then jigsaw?
  5. Will these take you back to where the dog has stopped for a few minutes or more. Or just track where the dog is in real time. Thanks
  6. I get this off a bloke I get my meat from. £7.50 for 5ltr. Can't fault it really. He does a 5ltr kennel cleaner for £6 but I don't think it as good
  7. I've had a few. Not necessarily small but non Peds all same. I got that ruby Wednesday bitch and and had a dog out of her to hellbound
  8. I've had a couple of dogs out of pepsi. One to a non ped whippet that I own that got run over and one to a full saluki that my mate had. As far as I know he did win cock of North coursing comp and his litter sister came runner up. Big licks be able to tell you more about him. Think his dad had him a while. Ended up at stud with keg in end. Can't see it being about now
  9. They doing well so far. thanks
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