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  1. jack44

    Little crocs

    There nice pike, what lures did you get them on
  2. jack44

    Conor mcgregor

    Little wanna be gangster just look at the scum hes drinking with in dublin when hes home
  3. jack44

    Canal pike fishing

    Another good fish today not as big as the fish last week but at least I had a scales this time 17.6lb
  4. jack44

    Next seasons runners

    Nice looking animals hope they do the job for yis
  5. jack44

    Canal pike fishing

    ha sorry my bad must of read it wrong. Is the river closed for all fishing between them times our trout season only strats in march
  6. jack44

    Canal pike fishing

    Im in ireland 2 mate boyne runs from kildare all through meath most of it is club waters and most clubs are all about the trout
  7. jack44

    Canal pike fishing

    Had a 3hour session today on the river boyne local to me had 2 good pike first one was 32 inch the second was a touch over 40 inch and the fattest fish I ever seen, the down side of the day my fxcking phone was at home so no pics and made a deal with myself not to fish again till I have a scales bought cos my heads recked wondering did the second make 20lb
  8. jack44

    2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Gone bit quite on here still a round of games to go what the chance of us paddys recking a chariot
  9. jack44

    2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    If ireland do will paddys day, when is the last time england would have lost 3 games in the competition
  10. jack44

    2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Think we have one of them world class wingers in our panel now. Scots playing well unlucky to be 11 behind
  11. jack44


    Ha I love it work said we can come in if we can and if we cant we'll be paid ha guess there wont be many on the bog for a day or 2. Had great crack with missus and little lad on the hill out back sliding on meal bags, dogs are out all day I just hope it lasts a week or 3
  12. jack44

    Strange one

    This is a cock and russell story, sorry ment cock and bull haha. Is strange tho
  13. jack44

    2018 targets

    After the last few outings im starting to wonfer if ill get a fish in 2018
  14. jack44

    2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Wales ireland was a good game delighted with the win. Scotland turned right on now wonderdid the scuffle before the match make a difference
  15. jack44

    2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Whats everyones perdictions for im going wales and england win double. ireland missing 3 massize ball carriers and could be the difference. Hope italy can get a win 2nite