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  1. Ur mates dad sounds a bit of a prick with that statement.
  2. Ha maybe in your geography book mate but not the irish ones
  3. How is england a home team for the irish. By the way I do think england will win
  4. Well done england today great display of rugby. That itoje lad is a top notch lock
  5. That was a propper nutter bet al kebabie felt that
  6. Lovely piece of work, details spot on
  7. Ideal day, them days are always the best
  8. Ha ye we're after been very sloppy worst ive seem them in a long time wales not giving an inch today
  9. Haha to be fair I didnt see this thumping coming
  10. Its going to be a great game only pitty about lreland going to win is it will hand the championship to england it would be nearly worth playing the second team .
  11. The prob all started with your country allowing the northern irish Catholic to be treated as a second class citizen and when 95% of them were protesting peacefully the police allowed loyalist thugs attack them and theres only so much you take before you react. Atrocities on both sides where avoidable if your goverment intervened in the right way early in play
  12. Good read that and most of it makes some good points.
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