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  1. I do a bit of lamping but mostly just general mooching about letting lurcher and me terrier have a go with what ever they come across mosty hare fox and a few patchs of rabbits, game is scarce enough can be hard work ha. The ground isn't that good so noting to whippety.
  2. Ye pity that pup looks a nice sort
  3. Just wondering if anyone has or knows of any litters available in ireland. Im not on facebook and getting it hard to find the right pup I had to put down my dog a few weeks ago due to a broken leg he was only 3yr old I only keep one lurcher at a time dont have work for any more to be honest pup would be with me for good never sold a dog on in my life all info welcome
  4. Nice pups lads hope yis get plenty fun with them. Hard come by any over here nw unless your on facebook
  5. I live beside a little stream and keep hens so get my fair share of them around it amazing how brazen they are. The russells love them
  6. Ur mates dad sounds a bit of a prick with that statement.
  7. Ha maybe in your geography book mate but not the irish ones
  8. How is england a home team for the irish. By the way I do think england will win
  9. Well done england today great display of rugby. That itoje lad is a top notch lock
  10. That was a propper nutter bet al kebabie felt that
  11. Lovely piece of work, details spot on
  12. Ha ye we're after been very sloppy worst ive seem them in a long time wales not giving an inch today
  13. Haha to be fair I didnt see this thumping coming
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