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Found 661 results

  1. Peco

    Mole catcher

    Mole catcher available for area around perthshire Angus Fife I have had a good catch rate in past would be happy to set traps etc in return for some permission happy to do estate lawns or farm land etc would be happy to buy more traps for bigger areas if needed thought I'd try this as I feel iv knocked on every door in these areas would consider slightly further for right permission
  2. Halo Everyone Here is our prices and packages for 2020, contact us for an unforgettable experience...make your dreams come true with Savanna Hunting Safaris
  3. Halo Everyone Here is our prices and packages for 2020, contact us for an unforgettable experience...make your dreams come true with Savanna Hunting Safaris
  4. i know nothing about rats but i have an opportunity for someone to go after some rats. this is in the Telford area so anyone willing to travel there you are welcome to them shooting or trapping whatever you do to be honest the only thing i know about rats is i don't like them so here is your chance quick reply's needed
  5. Anybody on here near cwmbran want to go lamping ? I've got permission in a few tidy places but I'm not driving at the minute , if you've got transport I'll share costs and we can go to my ground , looking to make this regular thing so get in touch
  6. Need a few guys with terriers for a site near Catterick North Yorks - We carried out a rat shoot a few week back and shot 135 but saw at least another 2-300 With the thermal. Burrows galore - I can smoke them out with the rat smoker. Sensible people only - pm me for more info
  7. We have three vacancies on our shoot in the Scottish borders this SAT2nd NOV. (you must provide proof of insurance) Kick off at 9.30 for 6 to 8 drives depending on time. provide your own lunch pheasants partridge perhaps woodcock. average bag of 22 last season. Dogs welcome. for more info please pm Dave a.t.b. £40 PER GUN paid at the end of the day.
  8. I'm off work for the next two weeks and will be having a few steady walks with the mutts !! If someone fancies it you can come here or il come to you don't mind travelling or if anyone needs a hand ferreting
  9. New members with dogs wanted for our syndicate in the SCOTTISH BORDES. PM ME FOR DETAILS
  10. South east essex shoot syndicate has 5 places for this year's coming season we have 1000arce shoot set in woodlands meadows and arible farm land also we have 2 flight ponds for this coming season we will be putting 2000 birds down this season along with the ducks there's pigeon shooting out side game season work party's are a must you will be asked to do at least five per season there are 10 shoot days fully driven pm me for more details The price is £1000 per gun no haft guns cheers bob Email bobbygolding@hotmail.co.uk
  11. Halo guys, here is our sable special for 2019. Now this fantastic deal has no size limits, and we do offer some very big sable. This is an all inclusive package, just doesnt include your alcoholic beverages, airfare, taxidermy costs and tips. Package includes 5x full hunting days 1x sable bull All permits Total 3950euro or $4650 We do have an incamp camara man, so we put your unforgettable experience on film for you to enjoy for years to come. Of for any reason you do not shoot your sable, you get a 2800euro or $3200 refund. All I need to hold your dates is a 500euro or $750 deposit, and you pay the rest on the last evening of the hunt. Come to Africa and hunt one of its proudest animals.
  12. Here is our annual buffalo special. Just like lastyear we are putting out 2 Cape buffalo bulls for a fantastic price. The package includes everything except your alcoholic beverages, airfare, taxidermy costs and tips. The hunt is on foot by tracking. Package includes 5x full hunting days 1x buffalo bull All permits 7950euro or $8850 If for any reason you do not shoot your buffalo, we do refund 5000euro or $5750. To book your hunt we only need 500€ or $750 deposit, and you pay the rest of the amount on yout last evening of the hunt. I do pick you up at OR TAMBO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and we drive to the hunting area. Extra animals and days can be added to the package. Also non hunters are welcome at 150euro or $180 per person per night.
  13. Mbalabala Safaris has since 1985 offered big game hunts in Zimbabwe. They only offer hunts in areas where they are confident that there is a good amount of game, so there are good chances that the visiting hunters will succeed. The buffalo hunt will take place in an area in northern Zimbabwe called Makuti, which is an approx. 500,000ha large and not fenced - free range hunting. The area has not been hunted for 7 years, until last year, which means that there is a good number of dagga boys who roam in small herds, the so-called "bachelor herds". Last year they had a fantastic season where the area provided some beautiful mature buffalo bulls. The price is 10,000euro and includes: • 7 day guided hunting 1: 1 with a professional hunter • Trophy fee for 1 buffalo • All meals • All drinks • Airport pickup/delivery Not included in the price: • Flights to / from Zimbabwe • Visa - $ 35 • Hotel stays before / after the hunt • Shipment of trophies
  14. Hello hunters! This is my first time here in this forum and I thought of sharing this hunting opportunity in Spain. I hope you like it. I might be sharing others later on. MONTERIA IN SPAIN (VALENCIA) -PLACE: Requena, Valencia. -FINCA: LA CASTELLANA (Closed, 600 ha) -DATE: December 15, 2018 -PRICE PER POST: € 2,400 -POSTS: 23 Posts -Up to: Two males of Deer, Fallow Deer or Iberian Mouflon. -Two female Deer, Fallow Deer or Iberian Mouflón -Wild boar unlimited (1 male guaranted per post) INFORMATION ABOUT THE MONTERIA: Closed area which has not been used for hunting since 2007. The animals in this area are medium to high quality. THE MONTERÍAS INCLUDE: -Expenses for organisation -Hunting dogs -Hunting adviser -Breakfast and lunch -The hunting permit -Hunting insurance -Hunting licence IT DOES NOT INCLUDE: -Taxidermist expenses -Personal expenses -Accommodation There is possibility of adding extra hunting days, even in other modalities and areas. Both for big and small game hunting.
  15. I have achallenging permission in North Essex near Sudbury . The owner wants rabbits cleared off it and I don't have the time to have a serious crack at it due to other commitments. I've tried live catch cage traps to no avail. Are there any snare/trap men or serious shootists that want a go? The owner will pay for good results.
  16. Selective hunting of red deer, fallow deer and wild boar in Bulgaria between September - January. Rifle or bow hunting. Hunting area has 5 000 ha with high population of deers and boars. Nearest international Airport it is only 60 km from the hunting area Perfecto place for group of 1 - 3 hunters The hunting lodge has single rooms with bathrooms, TV, WIFI, waiter, cook. Estimated bag per day and hunter 4-5 animals. Daily rate per hunter - 290 Eur The price included: Pick up at the Airport Transfer from Airport - hunting lodge and back Accommodation in single room 3 meals per day, hot and soft drinks PH 1:1 4X4 in the hunting area Hunting permit and insurance Interpreter Weapon import permit The price does not included: Flights Animal fees Alcoholic drinks Tips Rent of rifle ( 60 eur per day) Deers and wild boar fees: Red deer: Calf - 100 Eur First antlers - 150 Eur Second antlers - 200 Eur Third antlers - 300 Eur Fourth antlers - 400 Eur Fifth antlers - 500 Eur Fallow deer: Calf - 80 Eur First antlers - 100 Eur Second antlers - 200 Eur Third and fourth antlers - 300 Eur Fifth antlers - 400 Eur Wild boar Yearling boar up to 25 kg - 100 Eur Two years old boar up to 60 kg - 200 Eur On the same area you also can hunt deers and boar trophies: Red deer trophy between - 6kg - 8 kg weight of the horns. Fallow deer trophy between - 2,5 - 4,5 kg trophy weight. Wild boar trophy between - 14cm - 22 cm long tusks. For more information, please contact me: Email: cazahuntingbg@abv.bg web: www.cazahuntingbg.com
  17. Thar hunting offer in Bulgaria For group of 1-2 hunters. Type of hunt - stalking or hide. Available to hunt with rifle and bow. Best hunting season - November - February. Price per hunter - 8 000 Eur/ included 3 hunting days and 1 big Thar trophy ( 8-9 years old animal) The price included: Pick up at Sofia Airport; 4 nights accommodation in single room; 3 days PH; Transfer in the hunting area; Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft and hot drinks); Hunting permit; Insurance; First preparation of the trophy. The price does not included: Flights; Transfer Airport - lodge and back ( 150 Eur); Tips; Shipping of the trophy; Alcoholic drinks, Additional trophy fees. Also you can hunt. Thar of 3-4 years old - 4 500 Eur trophy fee + daily rate of 300 Eur Female - 2000 Eur trophy fee + daily rate 300 Eur At the same area you can hunt also wild boars, mouflons,, fallow deers, balkan chamois. For more information please send me PM or: Email: cazahuntingbg@abv.bg www.cazahuntingbg.com
  18. Red stag trophy hunt in the Bulgarian mountains during the rut season. Free dates - between 26th September - 10th October. For 1 or group of 2 hunters Type of hunt - stalking during mornings and evenings. Height of the hunting area - between - 800 - 2100 meters, oak and pine tree forest. Recommended duration of the hunt - 3 or 4 days. Daily rates - 150 Eur per hunter ( included - accommodation in single room; PH; 4x4 in the hunting area) Trophy fees: Red stag 7kg trophy - 2 100 Eur - bronze medal Red stag 7,5 kg trophy - 2 500 Eur Red stag 8 kg trophy - 2 900 Eur - silver medal email: cazahuntingbg@abv.bg web: www.cazahuntingbg.com
  19. I may have a little opportunity for someone on my pheasant shoot in North Yorkshire, around the farm is a few rabbit sets and they are eating everything in the garden, I’ve been shooting a few but not really getting on top of them, I was thinking of taking someone to have a go ferreting it for me, I would want whoever came to be experienced and know what they are doing, I can’t say you will come away with a bag full but there is a few about and nobody else gets to go on this land, you would need your own gear as this is something I don’t do and I wouldn’t take more than two people with me, it would be in a couple of weeks and maybe on an evening. As I’m taking someone up to have a go shooting next week, if anyone is interested please get in touch and tell me a bit about yourself, please don’t be offended if you don’t get an invite, I would want to meet you before we had an outing all the best stav
  20. bigbootsuk

    Sea fishing

    Hi Everyone Not sure if this is allowed if not please delete. If your looking do do some sea-fishing form Hartlepool county durham my brother has a charter boat to carry up to 12. with all the latest fish finding technology ect. Very competitive prices. go out with the tide and return on it good day out. keep what you catch. message me for contact if interested. Kind regards
  21. What do you think about a trip of your lifetime, hunting and sightseeing old Europe with this old castle , churches and Dracula Places. We are inviting you to come to Romania. We are offering a special program designed for couples that include 3 days of wild boar hunting and sightseeing You can also visit Bucharest , the capital , with the Parliament building – second large building in the world after the Pentagon – other important places and also the old city with hundreds of history .! Moldavia with this monastery from 1300 or the center of Romania with the oldest citadel still leaving in this days , Sighisoara also UNESCO patrimony We can visit Peles Castle or Dracula Castle in the Carpathian Mountains J We can give you all the links by request and I will support you to convince your wife or girlfriend that Romania have a place on a Bucket List ! We all know how important are the women in our life and how anxious to travel they are !!! and we all love to hunt ….so why don’t we do what we like and in the same time make them happy ?! Bring them with you . So speaking of the hunt what my proposal for you is : 1 hunter for 3 hunting days /4 nights 1300 EUR – first 2 wild boar are included. 2days - hightseat hunts on feeding place and 1 day of driven hunt. 1 day - The driven hunts in alpine forest and hills have a special charm granted by the use of beeters and dogs in every drive . ADDITIONAL TROPHY PRICES Males with fangs from 12 cm. to 14 cm. 390 EUR Males with fangs from 14,01 cm. to 16 cm. 450 EUR Males with fangs from 16,01 cm. to 18 cm. 550 EUR Males with fangs from 18,01 cm. to 20 cm. 750 EUR Males with fangs longer than 20 cm. 800 EUR+ Female over 100 kg 350 Euro Youths under 100 kg 200 Euro PRICE INCLUDE • Assistance at the airport on arrival and departure • All transfers in Romania • Hunt organizing • Accommodation in hunting lodge • Complete board, starting with dinner on the arrival day and ending with breakfast on the departure day • Professional hunting assistance • Daily transport in the hunting area • Preparation and conservation of the game • Hunting invitation in Romania • Interpreter during your whole stay • Alcoholic Drinks , traditional strong drinks and wine on the house in moderation • Estate and lodge exclusive to one group at the time with most hunts The price excludes: • Transport to / from Romania • visiting program- this depends of the number of the days and hat you desire ; The program will be made together with client . • Firearms and cartridges • Trophy export •Daily hunt organize 100 Euro/ day/hunter •Temporary hunting permit 150 / Euro / trip •Hunting license 150 Euro / trip Ing Horia SANDU 0040 728 899 185 www.unforgettablehunting.ro email : unforgettablehunting@gmail.com office@unforgettablehunting.ro Come to hunt in Romania and visit and enjoy the true country! ]
  22. Heveningham Hall, Suffolk The Heveningham Hall Shoot is run over the three Estates of Heveningham Hall, Sibton Park and Cockfield Hall. Under the direction of the 3rd Lord Huntingfield, Heveningham was one of the first Partridge shoots, recording some of the astonishing bags of the 19th Century. Frequent guests included the best shots of the day including Lord Walsingham, Lord de Grey and the Maharajah Duleep Singh, who along with Lord Huntingfield still hold some of the record bags for both driven and walked up game. Set in Capability Brown parkland and surrounded by over 5500 acres of rolling Suffolk countryside. Heveningham Hall is in the ideal location for an outstanding shoot providing exceptional sport, with driven game capable of testing the most accomplished gun. The day starts in the Courtyard at Heveningham Hall with coffee and bacon rolls, prior to leaving at 9 am for our first drive, on our gun bus, which will transport you throughout the day. After the first two drives we hold a mid morning break at the Temple or The Bridge with hot sausages, sausage rolls and minced pies washed down with coffee and slow gin. A two course lunch is held after a further two drives in the Tea Room after which we return to the field for a further two drives. At the end of the day we have tea and cake back at the Tea Room where you will meet The Game Keeper and receive a brace of oven ready birds. You can Shoot up to 10 Guns in the field. Transportation and full hospitality provided. We can make arrangements for Guns, Cartridges and Loaders if needs be. Heveningham offers days from 250 to 400 birds priced at £35.00 + VAT per bird. Back to back days available. Furthermore we can also offer our Guns overnight accommodation at Wilderness a unique collection of manors, farmhouses and country cottages surrounding Sibton Park. Full teams only. Please get in touch for availability, Satellite navigation postcode: IP19 0PN www.tomrobinsonsporting.co.uk tomrobinsonsporting@gmail.com
  23. Registered installer of firestone epdm worked in the roofing trade for the last 17 years I sub contract for company’s throughout the uk always on the lookout for extra work subcontract or private
  24. Got some lamping in Devon, my bitch is 9 and only got limited runs in her so anyone wanting a good few runs pm me near Exeter, want to keep the bunnies etc down until I get a youngster.
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