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  1. No where near enough to be honest. Few trips on the moor. Hardly any lamping. Heading off for a week away as of Sunday so get a bit done then
  2. She’s never mixed her words. I can’t fault her. keep the write ups coming
  3. I bet if the both of you had to do it all again you wouldn’t change a thing. Looks like he has had a good life and done you proud. Wise words from your friend. I once carried my dog into the vets and someone commented on the extent of his injury and called me irresponsible. Vet turned to them and said “this dog does what he’s bred to do and has a great life doing it…..what’s irresponsible is having an overweight Labrador like yours that’s never walked off the lead .
  4. Weather was perfect. Not too many people about either. Was back up there last night doing a bit of night bushing
  5. Decided to do something a bit different for remembrance parade today. Normally go to the local service but decided to tie it in with a walk up on Dartmoor. Decent weather and a couple of decent runs. I stumbled across a plaque when I was up there over the summer so we decided to do our 2 minutes silence there.
  6. I used a similar model and struggled to. Spot some things compared to my usual lamp. Looks a decent bit of kit though. Young dog coming on well
  7. Brilliant work! I’ve tried to PM you mate but think your inbox is full.
  8. That was my thinking mate. Not saying they haven’t got the guts to hold on and give something a bit of stick. Sure they be fine on rabbits but how would they be on anything bigger? I’d love to see a pack of these working cover. Great sport
  9. Yeah decent bit of fun. I’m on the moor tomorrow so see how it goes
  10. Bet it’s soaking up there at the moment mate?
  11. Good bit of kit. Gets you out of the weather quick. You can brew up, give first aid. Have a warm up and it takes seconds to put up or pack away. Only problem is, when it’s time to get out and carry on you don’t really want to . My dog has a decent coat. Almost down like. He’s saluki collie grew. My young bitch is same way bred but with a bit of bull. Her coat doesn’t suit the hills to be honest. If she’s hunting she’s fine. Once we stop she shivers like hell and I have to keep an eye on her. I don’t actively go out in bad weather (deep snow or blizzard)but you can get caught out at any time
  12. Things can go wrong quickly. I haven’t seen it much with hunting but have been out with groups of people. Had dogs go cold just the same as people. I always carry a group shelter. Can get a group of people in or couple of people and a few dogs. Bit of rest in there and they soon warm up and pick themselves up. Good bit of kit.
  13. You can see the grand parents in some of the pups.
  14. Used to like reading the threads with the Pom tagging along. She had some life and lived to a good old age. You got some great pictures there and even better memories.
  15. Absolute crackers them. All the best with them
  16. Difficult if you hunt a lot of different ground. If you are always on the same type of ground then the dogs will soon pick it up. A lot of my ground is fenced. Some big fields and some small. If the dogs jump the hedge/fence then they are out of the beam. Then you risk hunting up. On the bigger fields as sheep chaser mentioned then you have to let the dog out the beam or it might not catch. If I was letting the dog run through woods etc at night with the possibility of a really long run, I’d have a tracker on it. I’m still in the thought of lamp goes off. Dog comes back. Doesn’t always work li
  17. Sorry to hear. Looked a great dog and something a bit different. Will you get another spaniel type lurcher?
  18. Thanks. Both my lads come out with me. My eldest will tag along now and again. My youngest would be out with me all the time if he could. It’s hard to fit everything in. Dogs, home life, other hobbies. I just try do a bit of everything and try not to take it all too seriously.
  19. Hard to juggle everything. I think you got to take a hit financially if you want to get out in the week. Hard when the kids are young but once they get older you can take em with you.
  20. Glad she has come good. The main thing is you are getting out and getting some work under her belt.
  21. Great morning cheers mate. Dot done ok. Got all my jobs done in record time! Get another walk in the diary soon.
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