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  1. I don’t know anyone working deer xs that’s the problem
  2. Can anyone point me in right direction of a litter of deer x pups? thanks
  3. Rory4

    Dog Courier

    My Mrs Dad is after a courier from North Somerset/Bristol area to Scotland? Anyone got a phone number for someone who does this? Thanks in advance
  4. My hob ferrets back end has gone lame 1 leg he can't use and other only slight movement. He can move around pipes very slowly to get about. He's eating and drinking fine and no signs of pain when playing with legs Any ideas?
  5. Give away free to a good pet home
  6. Didn't think digging bedlingtons existed must of been listening to the wrong people
  7. What age were parents Taz?
  8. Well said east coast I would be after a pup from good sound child bombproof parents, reared in the house around kids with the dam, then when the pup is ready to take home you bring the pup up in your house with the kids with you around at all times, to correct the kids and the pup on correct behaviour from day one. As most have said all pups are different and all breeds are different good and bad in every breed. I didn't have a kid when got lurchers at pup they will get man handled and chased by my 2.5 year old boy and will go over to him for it then walk away when had enough. The
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