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  1. My boy's watch that every day,... it's fecking daft
  2. I just joined, thanks for the heads up
  3. My brother had a bitch out of that litter
  4. I have but none actually on here, I'll be fecked if i can put a picture up.... I'll see if my Mrs can sort it out for me..
  5. Nice stamp, i have a bitch very similar
  6. My brother had them all back in the late 80's early 90's, or whenever it was lol... i used to enjoy them when i was a kid,
  7. Love it down there, stayed on pentewan sands plenty of times
  8. I'll take some over the next couple of day's and stick them up... i don't think i got recent one's of her... cheers
  9. Yeah she's doing well,... i still use her for a bit of everything... she doesn't stop fair play, I'm still happy with her
  10. That's fair enough,.. but I've heard of organised hare shoots that shoot around a hundred hares and it wasn't organised because of poachers driving the field's,... more to do with money...
  11. FFS What is the point.... you can only kill them once....
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