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  1. pukerk

    First cross

    Lovely animal that...
  2. pukerk

    Acd x greyhound

    Loved watching nighthunter.... Still got it knocking around in the attic somewhere...
  3. pukerk

    Bushing pups or adult

    That's pitty mate..... ATB in your search
  4. pukerk

    Bushing pups or adult

    Why not breed off one of your teckel's... Just a thought
  5. pukerk

    Eddie Chapman Russells

    Just out of interest do you know the name of the guy from South Wales.... cheers
  6. pukerk

    Dachsunds / Teckles

    Has anyone got any footage of them bushing? Just to see how they hunt thick cover,... I've seen some good clips of a chaps in Ireland but that was more mountain and hills with the odd forestry.... cheers
  7. I had a half x, like you said cracking nose bushed , good ferreter,... just lacked that top end speed,.... my brother called him the racing staff lol
  8. pukerk

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Brill film that is.....
  9. pukerk

    Could We On Thl .......

    I could probably just about cut the grass after it's finished.....
  10. pukerk

    Reverce Breed Collie Greyhounds

    Looking well he is col....
  11. pukerk

    Reverce Breed Collie Greyhounds

    Hey up Dave gwens looking well... ATB
  12. pukerk

    D Lloyd Lamps

    The leds are the best lamps ever can I come aswell Haha I'll be the neutral judge.... pick me up on the way somebody lol
  13. pukerk

    We Touch Frost

    Fantastic bit of sport fella.... just how I like it..
  14. pukerk

    Reverce Breed Collie Greyhounds

    Yeah I know what you mean it's just that someone said "just as we'll get a full collie" regarding the 3/4 collie 1/4 greyhound, when clearly it's the 3/4 collie is what they want.... of course anybody would pick a 3/4 greyhound over a full greyhound (for the reasons you just described) or at least I would if I had the choice.... Jeez I find it hard to explain myself over this poxy hi pad lol...
  15. pukerk

    Reverce Breed Collie Greyhounds

    A lad down in South Wales, .. cheers