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  1. I think Ratworks do a cylinder for hw 100, may be worth looking into.
  2. dtw

    Short film..

    His horse died, and one of the locals put together a funding circle and raised enough money to buy another horse for him.
  3. dtw

    Feckin dogs eat better than I do.

    The wife has a yorkie, great little ratter.
  4. dtw

    Regional Slang?

    I've lived in Newark on Trent for 14 years and never heard anyone speak like that.
  5. dtw

    Yukon Photon Xt 6.5 X 50

    Is this still available?
  6. dtw

    80Metre Shot-How Much Power?

    hawke sidewinder 10x 1/2 milldot ret, 10 milldots if you use the posts.
  7. If you want high shot count, go for the R10 or rapid and have a custom stock made to suit you.( Rapid if you like to tinker )
  8. dtw

    Dress Sense/fashion When You Was 15.

    All the posh kids had white lace-ups.
  9. 30 years since I left the same regiment, felt very proud for the young lad. As said above this is what all british military epitomise.
  10. dtw

    Logun S16 Mk2

    When you try to clear the barrel, you may have to remove it. There is a seal just inside the barrel (breach end) and this can be damaged if you try to push pellet down from the muzzle end. Google S16 and find the forum, loads of information how to resolve this problem. good luck with it.
  11. dtw

    Airgun Scopes

    I have found MTC scopes work much better with night vision than hawke.
  12. dtw

    First Night Lamping In The Dales !!

    Is it legal to lamp hares? I thought not, I could be wrong though.
  13. dtw

    Does It Get Much Worse Than This

    If the attacker was a white guy having done this to a muslin , it would be on all the tv main news programs. Countrys about fecked.