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  1. The distinction is a good trainer doesn't start training until they are at the very least that age. It all depends on what you want. If you want a manageable half trained 1yr old then start early. If you want a fully developed well trained adult, Let it be a pup. But keep it out of trouble. It's all about sacrifice and fitting them into your life. I do understand nobody wants the house pet to be totally wild at 10months though. It's sacrifice. :-) Sometimes the hardest thing is just letting them group up. :-) Atb
  2. Used to use a TX200hc. I've now sold that after using my falcon PCP for a while. What I will say is as long as you are effective with the springer at the required range it's a non issue and more fun. With that said, from what I've seen, the only guys who hunt with springers are those that are bored of their PCPs or don't have a good one. Have you tried stretching out the range to not spook them? I'm guessing you're already pressing onto 45metres? That's never going to fly, even with the best springers. Just my thoughts. A healthy bunny hopping around is better than a bunny wi
  3. £400 for a pro sport is a little steap I think.
  4. Good bit of kit. Unless you take rifle can't into consideration it can put you way off. I may get one
  5. PS what are the jumbo looking pellets in there? Just a handful... Look useful ;-)
  6. Mac, just got home. There's ny on a full tin of JSBs here fella! You're a true gent. Anything I can help with do pm me! And if you want the postage back ;-)
  7. All goodies been posted lads. Cheers for the .177s all. :-)
  8. Sorry Villaman! I totally didn't see your post or I would have said something :-) So far I think I've got AA field, accuppels and jsbs. Do you have anything heavy? Thanks mate, appreciate the help!
  9. Villaman, I believe you offered the other lad with the BSA some jsb?
  10. So which is better, .177 or .22? Only asking like. .
  11. 7.3grain David Shooting about an inch low actually. The target was canted left so the furthest ones look like the are rising. (Didn't fancy running out in the wind and rain to straighten the target.) Would have been the worlds fastest 100m though ;-)
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