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  1. Yes it was a bell end a don't no how to do the pics on here on me phone
  2. Hehehe villaman you so funny we all no you poke your self with your hw100 calm your self
  3. Well John if you had all the problems with it you said you had then seems a bit foolish for not taking it back really cause a no if a had to fix my guns with lock tight and it was like a rattle a would of asked for a refund and got me money back or a new gun simple as that really in it that's just been stupid on your part.
  4. sum of use talk utter fooking crap like. few of use bought a regal yet use new the parts were imported and all that crap and the do not have the German engineering and all that pap and that they a gaystates yet use still got one. ye maybe sum of use did have problems and that's a shame cause am sure that is not the case with other regal owners and av talked to a good few me self.ye can not complain about a gun if you have had no problems. sum one will always prefer a certain make over another that's whyvthey have sites on here or clubs you will always find problems not matter what after all these guns a not made by the hands of God but probs all mass produce if a factory proberly in there thousands you will always find people having problems with both guns
  5. Mate not really bothered what you say villiman it's just a fact Google it. and how can a say summit is crap when it works perfect like av said its peoples person opinion and if you don't like what a say its tuff fookin luck as well
  6. How many hw100s did you have with problems 2 and one sent back 3or4 times and had to spend you own money on it to fix it sum would say that was a load of crap you could list just as many people with problems with the hw100 as the regal and people saying they a load of crap n that's fact you only after Google it.
  7. Villaman think every gun you av had you said was crap just been reading old post of you say the hw100 was carp and crying about sending it back and having to spend money on it like your ultra all you seem to have is negative points.
  8. Yep the is a lot of good points but a think you find that with a lot of guns good and bad a had a s410 and a fac one was the best gun a ever had total wish a never sold them both a bought me regal a even asked the lad to sell it back he said no bought the regal then a month after a got the hw100 and as far as can tell they both shoot the same had no probs with either guns unless a got sold the dud hw100 and am missing summit??
  9. Heard that before as well don't no why any shop would sell you a poor gun that has so many problems like use say or recommend one just makes them look terrible to be fair and would say that would be bad for business and give them a dad name and it's not that a ask one shop a rang a few including my local airgun shop who a no well and he said the same as well.
  10. Well a no you points lads a did take them all on bored when a bought the gun all am saying av had non of these problems and the gun works just as good as me hw100 a do not have a clue what's inside them but it shoots just as well and a no a lot of lads who are just as happy as me with the regal. when a fest bought it a rang the airgun centre and blackpool airguns and my local gun shop and asked hw100 or regal they both said to me regal so a did and av no problems very happy with the gun. A bought the hw100 few weeks back a done the same looked for what problems you get with them so a no when a got one a new what to look for a joined to sites on facebook and the was a lot of people saying they had problems with there hw100 and a lot of people who did not. but again a have had no problems what so ever with the hw100 amd would argue the same point.
  11. Well why not av got the money to do so. And sorry villaman you world of information you forgot you the airgun master. The regal dose shoot just as good as the he100 at 35 yards and further and have no problems with it everything works perfect on the gun!! not saying am a expert at all what is the big difference then villaman if the regal is working spot on do tell seems so you no everything ????
  12. its only a slug gun lads and it shoots just as good as my hw100 end of lads both get pellet at 35yrds av had no problems what can a say. And if you bought 7 that's crap mate a bought one and it shoots great end of and how can Ye not compare it to hw100 they the same power both shoot the same at 35yrd what's the diff not like we shooting at a 1000 yards a have no problems with the mag or bolt or power or anything for that matter
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